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Mind mapping : Fun Read

Published: Jul 16th, 2021 06:43 amBy Aishwarya Magesh

When we sit down to calm and think for ourselves  we have so much to things to work with.

For me when I try to be for myself and think about things and have a peaceful dream , you know what happens

First I will start with affirmation

I am calm

I am healthy 

I am abundant

        Immediately my brain "Ha Aish you are due on your phone bill"

        I am working on my affirmation please no distraction

My business is going good

My children are working hard

        My Brain "Hello your little one is behind in Class work, He has to do his Hindi and Kannada, He is reading Slow and has to work on his reading. You elder one is whiling away time you have to control that , he has to do his workouts, reading"

        Now I have to go back. 

        What is the time now?

        Time for breakfast and packing? No time now for affirmation 

By the time we finish our meditation and gratitude and affirmation many other things are mapped in the mind, So it is not easy to practice with all the commotion at home.  

Hope the pandemic ends and ladies get our me time to have a peaceful mindset and do a positive mind mapping.

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