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How did I start waking up at 5 am?

Published: Jun 22nd, 2020 08:05 amBy Alphia Anita

It’s an interesting discovery how I persuaded my mind to wake up at 5 am. I have often heard that only when a person needs something desperately he/she will change. ‘You can never change anyone in your life. All that you can do is change yourself!’

It so happened that many times in my 40 years of living people have told me in many scenarios what all are good in waking up at 5 am.  All those pointers that people shared were just knowledge part which I gathered and used to also share it with others. But I did not take any effort to wake up at 5 am. Why? I have no clue. When I started decoding my behaviour, that is when I discovered that my ‘why should I wake up at 5 am?’ was not clear for me.

That doesn’t mean that I didn’t try waking up early. Whenever I try to wake up early, I would ask myself what is that I am going to do so early. I would also convince my mind saying that I will wake up after 5 minutes (procrastination) and that it is not going to make much difference. So that way I started to lose early in the morning and almost every day I started the day with the feeling of guilt for getting up late. This feeling of guilt early in the morning started giving me discomfort. It gave me a sense of irritation. I started scolding myself saying that I was a poor decision maker! I often kept discussing in my mind about my behaviour and thereby started feeling low. My self-image was getting damaged.

When life gives us a discomfort in any form, and when you choose to overcome that, you transform to a better version of yourself.

I did not like waking up guilty. When I decided not to feel guilty, the book and videos on Robin Sharma’s 5AM clubappeared in front of me. That is when I had another great discovery of my life.

When you make a strong decision, your resources to help you with your decision is made visible to your conscious mind by your unconscious mind.

After listening to his audios, I found why I should wake up at 5 am. So my ‘why I should wake up at 5 am’ was clear now. But even after this my 5 minutes procrastination continued. Robin Sharma in his speech often keeps telling that all successful great leaders wake up at 5 am. Being an entrepreneur I wanted to be a successful leader in my business, but I was not giving it what it takes. That is when I started asking myself these questions, ‘if I am not willing to change myself for my better future how can I expect best things to happen in my life?’ ‘When I am not bothered about my future, how will god bless me with right things that I ask for in my life?’ ‘Why would god be willing to change my life when I am not ready for it?’ So all these questions made my ‘Why should I wake up at 5 am’ even clearer. I had better clarity now. But, my habit of waking up late is not letting me go ahead with my change. That is when I started programming my unconscious mind.

Two main things that I did were 1. Istarted speaking to myself ‘I will wake up at 5 am tomorrow and start writing blogs’. This gave me some time for writing blogs, and it gave my mind another strong convincing reason.

2.Gave another alternate solution to my conscious mind. When the alarm goes at 5 am and if I feel my mind starting to give excuse, I will tell my mind, ‘I shall wake up now and if I feel very sleepy I shall take a break in the afternoon’. So now this convinced my mind fully and helped me to wake up at 5 am without hitting the snooze button.

This is how I decoded my behaviour and found a solution to my guilt. Now I wake up at 5 am every day (which may be an easy task for many but not for me). I have 1 hour extra time now to pursue few of my new learning like.. I have started writing blogs, I have started a Facebook page, I am peacefully planning for my business, I am taking my ‘me time’ effectively and above all I have driven away my guilty feeling.

Decisions are made by people who want to achieve something in their life. I wish my readers to achieve greater heights in their life by taking decisions at the right time of your life.

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