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I am a proud mom

Published: Oct 22nd, 2020 07:30 amBy Alphia Anita

I am a proud mom!

Hardev Kumaran, that’s the name of my son, my love of my life!

A blessing in my life!

The bond that we both share as mom and son is the most special one. It gives utter happiness when I think of all his cute gestures and naughtiness.    

Kids in every way are special!

And mine is all the more!!

He gives me lot of opportunity to learn.

One beautiful lesson that my son taught me!

One day I was very upset with his behaviour and I had communicated that with him. He asked for apologies without hesitation. As he usually does, he came up to me saying, “I am sorry mom. I will not repeat it again. For whatever wrong I have done you can give me any punishment and I shall abide by it.”

I was badly upset that day as he had been repeating the same mistake again and again and so I just looked deeply into his eyes without saying a word. He understood that I am hurt badly because of his actions. He immediately hugged me and said that he will not hurt me again by repeating the mistake and he was there near me till I was back to my normalcy. He made sure that I was happy before he moved away.

That consistency which he showed in valuing my feeling is the lesson he taught me.

Most of the times when we as adults hurt people, we just say a sorry and move away. We also get upset that even after saying sorry that the relationship is not turning to normalcy. We fail to understand the impact that our behaviour created in that other person’s life and emotions.  Why don’t we spend that little extra time and take that extra effort, like how my son did, to put the things back in place so that people feel more valued and important?

Of course we should not repeat the mistake again too!

I realized this!

I have started applying it in my life too!!

If we are ready to learn and unlearn, life and people around us have lot to teach us!

Thank you my dear kiddo..!!! I am a proud mom.

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