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Science to Succeed

Published: Jun 20th, 2020 08:41 amBy Alphia Anita

Science to Succeed

There are 3 things that determine a win. And we all know it well.

1.     Thoughts         2. Words          3. Actions

These are 3 science facts with which anyone can program their success. That’s right. You can program your success. All it takes is, you need to undoubtedly apply these 3 success principles.

Thoughts doesn’t mean positive or negative. Here it means winning thoughts. That is, whatever it is I am going to win should be the thought. Your questions in the mind should not be if I do this will I win, rather it should be what if I do will I win? It means a lot. Before we decide to do anything we can analyse, think over if it would suit, look for facts behind, discuss with successful people etc., but once we have decided to do something after all these analysis, we should never look back. If we start looking back and analyse our decisions once again, that is where we start failing because of these ‘doubts’. When doubts creep in mind, success starts moving away from us.

So what should we do to remove these doubts? Simple! Increase your faith!! How to increase your faith? Go back to all the analysis that you made again and reconfirm yourself with the facts, associate with successful people, read good books, talk to people who are successful and are willing to mentor you, have faith in God and above all Believe in Yourself and in your Decisions!!!

To help you increase your faith your words play a major role. Speak what you want. Speak the success that you want. It is very powerful! When you speak what you want, your ears hear it closely and your unconscious mind stores it in. When your unconscious mind is programmed it will take you in the path of your words that is what you speak. And if your words are success words then your success is guaranteed. Warning here is, we should not speak our doubts, we should speak about our plans for success. Speak what you want- that is the second scientific program for success.  

Having our thoughts and our words program our success, the final step is action. When our action is swift and planned, be clear success will reach you half way through. The catch here is- are you consistent enough even when you don’t see light of success in the path. Let yourself understand, How many times you fail in the path that many steps Success walks towards you!So the more you fail the more closer you are to success. Remember this and your faith level will boost up.

So, Think Winning thoughts

until you succeed. Always never forget God knows what is Best for you. He will not allow you to settle down with good ones. He gifts the BEST ones for you! Because You are God’s Child!!!

Apply the Science and Succeed!

All the best for your success journey!

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