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Making Decisions Happen

Published: Jul 5th, 2020 08:15 amBy Alphia Anita

It's a wonder to understand that 90% decisions taken are not executed!

If at all it is executed, it is not completed!!

Only 3% to 5% people stick to their decisions and make it happen!!!

So, how would we make strong decisions and stick to the same until we make it happen?

Here are a few steps that would help you.

Pick up a chart. Or if you have a white board, use it. Write the answers to the following questions.

1. Write one decision that you want to make. Let us say for eg., I have to appreciate people around me. Just one small decision.

2. Do you really want to make that decision?

3. Why do you want to it?

4. What will happen if you don't make the decision?

5. What will happen if you make the decision?

6. Is it so important that you do it?

7. Will it be really useful if you make your decision happen for yourself?

Now after writing the answers, read it and see if your reasons are convincing. If your reasons are convincing, let us proceed. 

If it is not convincing it is better we don't make that decision.

Now after having analyzed so much, let us make things happen. How to make it happen?

1.      Now, write your decision once again in big letters.

            1. Write by when you want your decision be completed. Give it a date and make it your goal.

3.      2.  Make a list of habits that would help you. For e,g, to read books or practice meditation etc.

4.      3.   Allot a specific time to do your habits.

5.      4.  Make a list of things you need to unlearn.

6.      5.  Make a checklist of Do’s and Don’ts in a diary.

Having a clear reason to make a decision happen and now having a Habits Tracker as well you are ready for the action!

Now our next step is to materialize your DECISION!!!

Start your action part. Everyday consistently start moving towards your decision.

Even after this if we fail to materialize our decision, let us understand that it is because of our LAZINESS!!!

Let us understand a bitter truth!

If you don’t respect your decision, then no one else will!

We have no rights to get upset or angry with people around us!!

So, Take a decision and make it happen!!!

Happy Decision making!

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