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Secrets to Effective Learning - 1

Published: Aug 6th, 2020 12:02 amBy Ananda Reddy


I am starting this blog series to help you learn faster and easier. Also the process will make learning joyful. Just to make it easy for me to focus I will be using examples of students who are enrolled in a school or college or any structured course. So, this is highly focused to serve the needs of  Teachers /  Trainers & Coaches. However, you can use it to learn anything from any source.

This is the first one in the series.


How do you define ‘Learning’?

This question has led to many interesting conversations in my live workshops. According to me a “Definition” should help us not only to understand a concept; it should also help us to make use of the concept to better our lives. 

Let us look at the following definition from such a perspective.

Learning is a process through which we convert information into knowledge by understanding first and then store it in our memory in such a way as to be able to recall it whenever we need it, (while information is nothing but data arranged in a meaningful way). We can also take the data and arrange it ourselves into meaningful information.

Wow! If a student achieves these two objectives, will she not score fabulously high marks in the examinations?  Yes, she certainly would. In fact, all that our education system seems to be checking is only the ability to recall. (Some great people are doing their best to change it. I would like to meet them and join hands with them to make our children become all that they can become. Our New Education Policy 2020 is moving us in that direction)

If our classroom learning is as simple as achieving these two objectives (Understanding & Remembering), then why are students finding it difficult to learn?

One more important distinction is,

Which needs to come first,

Understanding or Memory?

My viewpoint is “Understanding” takes the first place. Many times students fall into the trap of simply learning by rote and then forget everything immediately after an examination. On the other hand if you do focus on understanding then memory automatically improves.

Part of my endeavor is to provide the tools, techniques and methods to help students achieve these two primary objectives. Let us find out how to make this process full of fun.

But just wait a minute. We need to clarify a few more points before we start our journey of making learning fun.

More in my next blog. 

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