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Effective Communication To Start At Home

Published: Nov 12th, 2019 04:27 pmBy Girish Panicker


The quality of anything that you do in life is based on the quality of your relationships. 

The quality of your relationships depends on the quality of your communication.

All companies at some time or the other conduct communication skills, conflict management skills, emotional intelligence  programs for their employees with a view to have better relationships at the work place.

Counsellors , Coaches , therapists all use effective communication to bring the best out of people.

Having said this , the smallest unit of society that is the building block of everything that we see around is the family. Is the communication right in this small unit?

The biggest cause of frustration between parents and children is that parents do not understand the language of children and they assume children to understand whatever they say and do.  Many a times it results in verbal clashes and fights. The increasing  number of children with  anxiety, depression, frustration , lack of focus etc. is directly related to the wrong ways parents adopt in communicating with children.

Parents quite often complain that their child does not listen to them.  They fail to realise that it’s not what they tell, but how they tell that matters, it’s not what they do , but how they do that matters.

Parents quite often jump to become problem solvers for their children , instead of facilitating their children in solving it for themselves.

When the parent’s thoughts, words and deeds come from their previous experiences, it is not going to resonate with the child as he/she experiences things quite differently.

The experience of bringing up a child can be quite enriching and exciting , when  simple ways of effective communicating and listening are mastered.

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