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6 Tips for better relationships

Published: Nov 12th, 2020 03:58 pmBy Girish Panicker

Gaurav had a tough day at the office. Nothing seemed to go well that day.

On his way back, he almost drove into a biker. By the time he reached his home, he was exhausted and agitated.

He rang the bell. 

It took a while before his wife Shanti opened the door.

Why do you keep me waiting always" he fumed. 

Shanti knew that Gaurav was not in the best of moods and remained silent.

Arya, his 4-year old son, ran from the hall and held his dad's legs.

Gaurav pushed him away. With pointed fingers, he yelled, " When I am tired, don't you ever do this to me". 

Arya was stunned to silence. He behaved the same every day, and what did he do differently today?

Arya was in tears. 

Shanti was angry but kept her cool.

Gaurav looked for his towel and could not find it.

"Everything in this house is misplaced. No one has a responsibility to keep things in their place". He murmured.

Arya picked up a picture that he had drawn and ran up to his dad. He was careful not to bump into him. 

He held the picture and said, "Look at this dad, I drew this for you ".

Gaurav pulled the paper from Arya's hand and flung it across the table.

" I told you I am tired, and still you try and make me irritated. I think of having some peace at home, and none of you seem to understand".

Well, these situations can happen in anyone's home. 

Many of us have this kind of behavior.

For all of us who have these situations regularly at home, it is time to introspect.

We need to realize some truths about ourselves.

1) No one can make us angry without our permission.

2) We can only let out what is inside.

3) By blaming others for our anger/irritability, we are shifting the responsibility elsewhere and this closes all doors of correction.

What can be done?

1)Every night before going to sleep, make a list of all the good things that happened in your life. I promise you there will be plenty of them.

2) Be grateful and show gratitude for all the good things that happened.

3) Br grateful to all the people who were part of your life that day.

4) Make a note of all the things that were bad according to you.

5) See how you reacted in those situations.

6) Make a note of how you will respond the next time if such situations arise. By this, you are taking responsibility for your actions

Subconsciously you will become aware before reacting and blaming others for your actions.

Regular practice will foster better relations at home and workplace.

PS: I am responsible for all my actions.

       No one can irritate me without my permission.

       When I take responsibility, change happens for the better.

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