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The Story Of Again

Published: Apr 19th, 2020 11:21 amBy Huzefa Motiwalla

Saturday evening, sipping something sweet I ran this beautiful and lovely butterfly by some groups of fifty very (emotionally) mature audiences.

The mood in the room was general quite, dull of the monotony and an air nonchalant.

And I posed a simple question to them, a question they were used to being asked over the last month - maybe many times.

"Let's give a name to the Feeling or Emotion that comes to your mind when you look at the butterfly."

Exaltation - Hope - Overjoyed - Grateful - Cautious - Curious - Relief - Achievement - Relaxed - Freedom - Evolving - Abundance - Satisfied.

Words are wonderful. The responses were rich!

And then after a while, the next question posed was "When was the last time you lived through that Emotion? Live through it again, and harvest it's energy."

This time the replies were different. There was a pause. A longer pause. A pause of two hours. And when they came back, they came back differently.

They came back, not with words. But this time they came back with a treasure trove. They were re-living the energy of those words - the treasure trove of emotions. Their own Emotions.

Enjoying their own feeling of being Exalted, Hopeful, Overjoyed or Grateful back in time. Must've brought on some memories too, pushed some buttons. The change in mood had brought in a bounce of energy. And triggered a change in behavior and mood too.

That Saturday evening - changed for them and their families too.

Emotions are non-bio-degradable. The neuropeptides had done their magic again.

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