Blogging is not my Cup of Tea

Published: Nov 15th, 2019 08:42 pmBy MALTI LAKHANI

Blogging is not my cup of tea. Period.

I like my tea hot.. right down from the stove into the cup.. I love watching the steam escape the cup.. gives a feeling of warmth and freshness.. Ever wondered, why sometimes the sight is much beautiful than the real taste itself? Because we presume a certain taste and we attach it to that cup. And believe me, most of the time, we don’t find that ideal sip which we got once and registered for ever.

And as the steam escapes and thins, so do my ideas. That means, Blogging, though is not my cup of tea, still has got to be like the hot cup of tea..

Hot, Steaming, Fresh, Aromatic, Sense wakening. Catch it right on the paper before it cools down. And as you catch and stretch a thought, you realize, there’s so much to it before you did not deeply dwell on it.

Looking around, I am wodering : Is everyone having their own hot cuppa ? Or has it cooled off.. and yet undiscarded.. We need to empty the cup to fill in the freshness again.. We need to wash it off before refilling..

The other day, I went to the temple; not to ask for something from HIM.. but to tell HIM something; to thank him for the cup. I’m glad I’ve got a cup of my own, to be filled. It now depends on me, what I fill to the brim. Whether I let it cool or consume it while its yet hot. Yeah, I was only wondering and challenging HIM with a thought; would he care to make it bigger; the need is bigger; I could surely do with some more.

Leaving HIM in a thoughtful situation, I exited the gate, only to find both the sides of the gate lined up with people who depended on mercy from us. Okay, so here’s an arrangement: they look at us; we look at HIM. They plea from outside the gate. We go in to plea. And having satisfactorily put up our wishes in front of HIM, we move out. On our way back to our vehicles, we drop a coin or so in some bowls. And then there are some words of blessings following us. Stop! Oh, they just recommended that my wishes will be fulfilled, they pray!

It’s a complete racket out there, believe me!

Back to the square one. Blogging is not my cup of tea! My tea has turned cold! Let me go and fetch a fresh one again. You fill your cup till then bro!

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