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Published: Nov 15th, 2019 11:28 pmBy MALTI LAKHANI

Following are Excerpts from a Training Content developed by Malti Lakhani for Maharastra State Rural Livelyhood Mission program. Imagine Rural women reading the chapter on Self Discipline. A lot of thought process was involved to match up to the interest by giving them English in a very easy form and helping develop the thought process of our wonderful women. so, here it goes :

"...........Meet Gabbar

We have a very well directed and performed movie in Indian Cinema – Sholay. We have characters of many shades in the movie. Two of them were Thakur (The Good Police Officer)  and Gabbar (The Destroyer - Dacoit). We all have Thakur and Gabbar within us. It’s time to meet Thakur, the good man, and help him to get better. At the same time it is a war within, to fight Gabbar. So, let us meet Gabbar first. The stronger we get over Gabbar, the better the performance of Thakur. Gabbar has all the qualities of Procrastination, Easy going attitude, inspire to waste time, eat junk, find short-cuts everywhere without bothering about the consequences, and so on.

Thakur, on the other hand is wanting to be quite organized, achieve reasonable goals and beyond, improve knowledge, finish things on time, be helpful, creative, and so on.

Think of Thakur as the part of you that is creative, fun-loving, and pleasure-seeking; the child side of yourself. You want to recruit Thakur as a partner who supports your self-discipline efforts while discouraging Gabbar.

This concept of Thakur – Gabbar is one of the more important concepts to understand in your attempts to develop self-discipline. This concept -  understanding it and applying it, has been instrumental in self-discipline successes. So, you will begin by learning about how your personal “Gabbar” operates.

It’s time we stop allowing Gabbar to hijack Thakur’s mind and act as an imposter. Gabbar knows all your fears, incompetencies, weaknesses and so on.  He knows that once you develop self-discipline, you'll be your own boss. That means time for Gabbar to rule. You'll no longer be a slave to the self-defeating traits that keep you from transforming your desires and ideas into actions and achievements............" 

The above is just a couple of pages from the entire 6 books developed.

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