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Clear the Mote!

Published: Feb 17th, 2020 12:34 pmBy Rajesh C R

Many a times we face situations at work, where we are physically present but absent or disturbed mentally, which does not allow us to focus on our work.

This results in unproductiveness and sometimes even getting frustrated! We find ourselves helpless in such situations and end up losing valuable time, in the pursuit of finding an answer.

One of the reasons could be that, we are upset with a recently occurred incident, where we were found at the receiving end, for no fault of our's! The incident could be as small as the extra money paid for a taxi or even being roughed up by a stranger at a traffic signal !

Now, we may not remember this incident when we sit on our table, to create magic at work. But subconsciously, the matter is still on, and does not allow the necessary flow required to be creative at work.

It is like a tiny particle of dust getting into our eye which disturbs, the entire physical system. Until, we have removed that tiny little particle (foreign body) from the eye, we cannot perform any activity. This sounds funny, but it is true!

Similarly, that one little incident can have the potential, to spoil (unproductive) the entire day at work !

We can overcome this, by taking a piece of paper and pouring down all our feelings on to it, related to that incident, destroy the paper and free ourselves completely, from the uninvited incident!

In most cases, the very next moment, the flow is back ! We get productive again!!

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The writer of this blog Rajesh C.R. is a Life coach, Corporate trainer and a Keynote speaker. To know more about him you can visit his web site www.aguidetoinnerjoy.com

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