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Fine tuning Life!

Published: Feb 16th, 2020 05:17 pmBy Rajesh C R

 Today, we live in a world where we have given more importance to the intellect by making it sharper and sharper, in the name of Innovation and development of the external, which is a very good thing! But, in the process we have completely neglected our own body and mind which is the seat of all emotions, resulting in depression, due to prolonged lack of motivation!

According to a survey conducted by the the WHO (World health organisation) in 2015, which says that more than 300 million people, are affected by depression worldwide, making it the single largest contributor to human disability, and even resulting in a large number of people committing suicide.

I myself had a prolonged low feeling, two decades ago, and hence I understand very well how it feels to be there! It took me a while to figure out the reasons and possible solutions, with the help of which I am now able to live a joyful and purposeful life, with my family! Here is how we can approach life:

In life there are five dimensions or the five zones which I call as, and these are: 1. Health zone 2. Family zone 3. Work zone 4. Social zone & 5. Spiritual zone 

Health zone: It is about our physical and mental health, I say this during my training sessions, that, as long as we are healthy, the game is on! Which means, to stay healthy is not a choice, but a fundamental requirement, towards leading a fulfilled life! Exercise regularly, my regular regime consists of an hour of brisk walk for five days a week which takes care of my body and an hour spent everyday early in the morning, ex. practicing Surya Namaskar, Pranayama and Meditation( or of your choice) which provides me with a very fresh and calm mind to go about my work! An icing on the cake would be to have a healthy diet. (Home cooked food, Mother knows the best!)

Family zone: Spending time with our parents and nourishing our roots, having a healthy relationship with our spouse and spending quality time with children, guiding them well, and leading them by being an example, would be great! 

Work zone: To discover our passion and set a purposeful goal to 'make a difference', Knowing the 'why' we are doing what we are doing is so important in terms of longterm motivation as 'money' is only a byproduct of the value delivered. And when we understand this well, we will 'love the work we do' or start doing 'what we love' which is so important to stay creative, productive and joyful at work ! 

Social Zone: We all have some responsibility to give back to the society we live in, it could be as simple as sponsoring a child's education who cannot afford it, or maybe just getting the area in around our living spaces cleaned or any other simple act, which can make a difference to others. By doing this, there is a sense of belongingness to something which is much bigger than us, which we are all seeking (knowingly or unknowingly), and that feeling, contributes to our own well being!

Spiritual zone: The 'I' 'Who am I', even if we don't go that far, just spending time with ourselves, walking in the woods alone, introspecting, contemplating, meditating, trying to understand ourselves better and breathing fresh air is essential, to keep the energy flow going! Once or twice a month I go for trekking, biking or just for a walk into the woods, on the outskirts (risk free areas) of my city and most importantly alone! Going with friends is also refreshing, but I can't call it spiritual, as we are in a group, having fun

Just like a guitarist, who first makes sure that the strings of his guitar are fine tuned, before having a go at them, to create his magical music, all we need to is, attend to all the five zones of life sincerely, and maintain a balancebetween them, which will ensure that we live a life of purpose and fulfilment!! 

The writer of this article Rajesh C.R. is a Life coach, Corporate trainer and a Keynote speaker. To know more about him you can visit his web site www.aguidetoinnerjoy.com

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