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The 'Secret recipe'

Published: Jul 18th, 2020 11:26 amBy Rajesh C R

The secret of all secrets is that, there is no secret! - Kungfu Panda 1

The student had prepared well for the exam. But he spoke to the master thus “Do you think I have done enough to perform well in the exam?” The master smiled and replied “Of course you have done well, but let me tell you something, Success is nothing but, the result of a strong Inner belief you have about your self, your efforts. Remember watching the movie Kungfu panda 1, where at the end, the Panda discover’s about the secret recipe for the soup prepared by his mother, which was nothing, but a fact that, there was ‘no secret’, as, it was a strong belief, his mother had, about the soup ‘that it was special’ and that 'itself' was the secret."

The student said, “well, it is easily said, but hard to practice”, the master replied “well, all things are difficult at the beginning, but by regular practice of the mind, to think positively, will slowly bridge, the missing link required, to cross the bridge, of the river of self doubt and negativity”. Here is a little exercise for you, each day before you go to bed, make sure you write down at least three of the best things, that happened to you in a day, however small they could be! Do it regularly!

Finally, Success comes only when the product we produce, (it could be writing an exam paper or even manufacturing a product) is felt unique and special by the receiver or customer, which 'makes his life better' and brings a smile on his face! This can happen only when we ourselves truly believe, that the product, is unique and special, first!

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