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Learning is the essence of Life

Published: Nov 15th, 2020 09:42 amBy Ravi Prakash Basavattige



Title:  Learning is the essence of Life

I am convinced beyond doubt that “Life is for learning; not for ageing”.


It is because of that I started seeing positive changes within me.  There is a Life Principle (call it Godif you prefer it that way) with an onerous responsibility of shaping/mending this Body-Mind complex in a particular direction, as a means to gradually evolve it to newer heights.


The methodology followed is “Blow hot-Blow cold”.  Unlike the animal world, human beings are given limited freedom with the option to use or abuse this freedom more as a test to find how much one is evolved. So, the Life Principle incessantly works in orchestrating/organizing situations and events time and again until we learn the lesson out of such experiences. Now you know why we get into same situation repeatedly – learn the lesson, it paves the way!

Anybody can safely vouch for what is being said if one cares to look within, with the highest degree of objectivity.  We all can definitely see a particular pattern operating or running the show of our lives – if they are good and fetching positive benefits, fine !; but what if, if they are disempowering and dysfunctional (from our Perspective)?

With our usual “Success because of me; Failure because of you” attitude (this ‘you’ can be anybody or anything from your spouse to God), we slip into blame games for all our failures and become victims. The impending danger in this blame game and becoming a victim is that without our knowledge, we reinforce the very thing or situation we don’t want since the mind can only manifest what is given to it by way of Inputs (the fearful/anxious thoughts that should not happen to me is our “Inputs” you agree).

When I was in my mid-forties, I got the glimpse of this phenomenon.  Dr. Meenagundi Subramanya’s book “Manassu Illada Maarga (in Kannada)” followed by direct contact with the author, helped me to understand my shortcomings. When I checked deep within, it confirmed that I was suffering because of certain behavioural drives, which were creating certain negative patterns. 

The negative drives that were affecting then and to some extent even today influencing my (negative) patterns are Hurry Up; Be Perfect; Try Hard;  Don’t say “No”.

Can you imagine anybody working, whether in office or at home, with a sense of achieving Perfectionism in whatever one does - in a hurry and without even saying “No”? Especially to the higher ups – the parental figures and bosses! The first symptom of such dysfunctional, conflict-ridden behavior is “hypertension” which I definitely got!

It is only then that I slowly I started thinking ‘What is Life imparting through this particular experience?’  What changes I should make in myself; mainly in my attitude, if I do not want such experience to repeat. I must say it is a time consuming and a difficult, challenging task to get rid of a thief within, than an outside enemy. But thanks to the timely introspection, I am far far better today. And I am happy and healthy.

So yes, Learning is the essence Life. And in other words, “You are the Master of your Destiny”!

Let me have your comments.

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