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"One has to Uplift Oneself"

Published: Nov 7th, 2020 08:44 pmBy Ravi Prakash Basavattige

Ravi Prakash B.S5th Nov 2020


One has to “Uplift Oneself”


Wear a smile before you go through this write-up is my suggestion:


That Silkworm having eaten restlessly;   not needing anymore;      starts weaving its cocoon;      for creating a undisturbed and peaceful ambience;     such that it can properly segregate and assimilate the cream out of all that it ate in its entire life;   to finally come out flying  with Wisdom !!


Swadhyaya (Self-Learning)  and Pravachana (Sharing/Teaching) is the dictum from Taithyareeya Upanishad.
The Urge:

The Silkworm in me, has developed natural longing for quite some time to pen my thoughts and hence this. The intentions are that such writings would help people at large to introspect and examine on their Life happenings and thus have clear understanding of the underlying purpose of their discomfort/suffering as a welcome means to evolve ordained by the Higher Self – the God within.  Thus, we learn to be at peace with ourselves in spite of adversities and be the model for others. Each of us with this understanding become the cause towards creating a more humane, enlightened and prosperous society.  


This being the cause for my urge to write, it is a joy since I will be engaged in clearing my own Societal Debt. (Elders say that we have three primary debts to clear – Rishi RuNa;(Debt towards Teachers); Pithru RuNa (Debt towards Parents); and Samaja RuNa (Debt towards Society at large)


Agreed !?  Convinced !?  Read further .. ..


My Life’s Timeline

To make it short, Divine orchestration made me a person with Rural upbringing with an Urban outlook. Till 18, I had never seen Bangalore; after this, I could not go back, however much I longed, to Village set up.

For livelihood, He organized for comfortable stay in a Public Sector Undertaking for the first two and half decades and suddenly pushed me into a business environment to build and run a Training Organisation.


Being the Founder-Promoter of Vikas Centre for Learning (VCL) – an one-man show Training Institute in the area of Behaviour Skills  established way back 1996 (immediately after taking Voluntary Retirement from a secured job), as the only known means of livelihood to run the show of a five member family.


Now, after 24 years, VCL is going strong with 890+ successful training programmes, touching the lives of more than 15,000 people from different walks of life -  Employees, Executives, Bureaucrats, Students, Teachers, Home Makers etc. Of course had the whole hearted encouragement and support from Friends and Family Members and in my own way I had and continue to express my gratitude to all of them. Then the Urge started to share the mile stones for the benefit of those who are treading the same path either by choice or chance as a means to discharge societal obligations.

 The Logo:

Two important and interesting things about “Vikas” and its logo have to be necessarily explained such that future writings would make sense to the readers.


Vikas (Blooming/Developing/Uplifting)  is the Acronym for “Vidhya, Kaarya and Sidhdhi”  [Know, Act and Accomplish]; the implications being for any Accomplishments, one has to acquire knowledge on the subject first and take/do such Action(s).  There is yet another important foundational concept as a substratum  - “Uddharedaathmanathmanam” – meaning “One has to uplift oneself”. If understood  in its right sense, it supports with perennial  supply of energy till you Accomplish. 


We are social beings with unique potentials with an innate desire to be happy and successful. For accomplishing this, one is made to depend on others on “I help you-You help me” win-win note each bartering his/her potential. Everybody is selfish and there is nothing wrong in being selfish (!!), as long as one’s selfishness does not stunt the growth of the other(s). So, I share my potential and get in turn others potential to help me lead a happy and successful life. It is the nature’s way to cater to the needs (not greeds) of others and in the process keep both the parties satisfied and happy. Look at what happens when a Bee collects Honey from hundreds of flowers. Both the Bee and the Flower are the beneficiaries – It is in true spirit a, “I win-You Win” act !!.


So my dear Readers you would get to know lots of winning tips  out of my personal experience for leading a Meaningful Life. I assure you to make it interesting, interactive and easy to assimilate and implement.


See you either in my regular training sessions or through my writings, I remain,

Truly yours,

Ravi Prakash B S

[email protected]


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