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Monetize Your Xpertise

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Location : WhatsApp
Date : 20 Apr 2020
Time : 10:00 AM - 10:00 AM

About The Event

I personally was astonished to see many struggle to ASK. Irony is Trainers, Coaches, IMCs etc are EXPERTS in what they do, GIVE much more than what's expected! However, one area where they are hesitant or hold themselves back is to ASK for MONEY! WITH THIS PROGRAM, WITHIN A WEEK, YOU WILL FIND MULTIPLE SOLUTIONS TO MONETIZE YOUR EXPERTISE! Through these six days course on MONETIZING YOUR XPERTISE, you are SURE to crack your SUCCESS PATH for you, moneywise! Delivered to you by an Internationally Certified Performance Coach for Business. You will also get the tips and tricks to accelerate your business and ACT upon it, too! So far, more than 1500 Leading Trainers, Coaches etc. across the country, got immensely benefited and now it's your turn. Yes, the opportunity is here for you to GRAB, REGISTER NOW! Use Coupon code - SCPN and enjoy early bird discount!

Key Benefits

  • Broad Perspective of Business In General/Importance of people
  • Clarity around business worldwide, entrepreneurship and Start-Up world
  • Understanding Monetization and Expertise - AS-IS
  • Redefining our own Expertise and generating ideas to monetize it
  • Plan the Plan for next 90 DAYS and take ACTion Plan to Monetize your Expertise irrespective of Lockdown

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