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Sure Success Intensive - IX

Training Details

Location : Bangalore
Date : 23 Nov 2019
Time : 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM

About The Event

One Life Academy proudly announces of it's IX Signature Program, "Sure Success Intensive" SSI IX - a group Coaching Event in Bangalore. Exclusively designed, created for Executives, Entrepreneurs, Aspiring Entrepreneurs and Leaders in Corporate World. So far 100s got benefitted in the past SSI, check out testimonials on YouTube. SSI is one of its kind and its indeed world class. We are only one, who provide "Time & Space", during a weekend to discover how precius diamond you are. We start with review of last 90 days. Address the Confusion, Resistance, Anxiety and Problems, besides pondering on what went right and what didn't! Do you know ? You will get 2 International Assssments and reports, it's time to know your Personality Type, have your MBTI Career Report and discover your strenghts through Clifton's StrengthsFinder. Yes, we believe that Success Starts by knowing yourselves and with ability to know others. Take home a Rock Solid 90 Day ACTionable Plan along with you and be 2020 READY ! DO YOU WANT TO: Achieve great success in personal and professional life? Turn all your learnings & knowledge into Real Results? Be more productive, want More results from less efforts? Make more Money and have better relationships? Do you want to know your mind operating system – mOS? IF YOU ANSWERED YES TO EVEN ONE OF THE ABOVE, Learn how to be in the top 20% of people in your chosen field and pave path to be in TOP 5% of your chosen field. In th past we had doctors, engineers, CAs, Business Owners, Founders and Aspiring Entrepreneurs attend and teir life is NO MORE the same now. Come let's discuss on strategies on how you can move UP the ladder and get closer to your DREAMS, dring the event. If you are ONE who talks about 2X,3X,5X and 8X results then you need to invest your time, effort and money on this event for SURE, it's affordable. For the money you pay you get 2 assessments worth Rs.12,000/- too, it's a STEAL! Be there and experience the transformation happen. Check our website, you tube channel and facebook , what our participants from past 8 events during last 3 years are saying about SSI. If Success in Personal & Professional life is something you are craving for? Then these two days over weekend will be transformational. Want to be ahead of cometetion in grabbing the opportunity? Invest on your selves today! Learn and implement the strategies which work. Come, learn how the Giants like, Microsoft(s) and Google(s) of the world continue to be successful irrespective of market condition from Ex-Microsoftiran himself. These two days would be indeed the pivotal two days for Sure! We are the ONLY one across whole of India conducting an event of this nature (check our website) with World Class Asssessments (pre requisute to attend) get your MBTI Career Report, Know yourselves InSideOut, discover your Strengths. Yes, you heard us right, once you register we will start with Sure Success Series* a unique approach to know yourselves in the best known scientific way. We have certified MBTI Practitioners, certified Performance Coach who will administer you during these two-day workshop. Read about the trainer/facilitator to know what Knowledge, Experience and Expertise is making this a possibility. Never before in the history of India, something was available close to this. We are on a mission, "To Enable and Empower people LIVE LIFE of fulfillment, enhancing Performance multifold, Easily, Effortlessly and Efficiently". We invite you to join us and be a part of our mission. Reserve your SEAT by registering now. We go by process and framework and can accommodate limited, ambitious and optimistic few. Let's together engineer Success......................We care for your RESULTS. As we believe your Success is our Success!!! If NOT NOW, When ? If NOT YOU, WHO?

Key Benefits

  • Know your Personality Type
  • Know Your Strengths
  • Create executable 90 Day ACTion plan
  • Identify your limitations and fear
  • Know your mind operating system – mOS

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