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Location : Bangalore
Date : 19 Jan 2019
Time : 09:00 AM - 06:00 PM

About The Event

SURE Success Intensive, is a signature program conceived, designed and created to enable and empower people to define and design their success. In the form of a workshop, It is the time and space given to the participants to understand their goals and objectives in life. This 16-18 hours long churning is such that a more determined version of oneself walk out of the workshop when compared to the version that walked in. A journey of knowing oneself and others along with understanding each other is what Sure Success Intensive is all about. As a preliminary of this group coaching workshop, one undergoes 2 World-Class assessments, MBTI and Strengths Finder. These assessments are going to be relevant, not only for the workshop but for their entire life because it adds a perspective to one's vision. It help participants understand themselves along with others. To summarize, it answers 'Why people behave the way they do?' along with 'Why I behave the way I do?' This 2 Days Power Packed intensive workshop will enable the participants to unlock their potential and turn their learnings and knowledge into massive results. Sure Success Intensive gives the experience of the process of applying people management and project management principles in real life and handling barriers in a productive way. Thereby stressing the part of maintaining a healthy mindset, this is what enables and empowers its participants to lead a better life and move closer to their goals. A 90 Day ACTion plan is another major takeaway of this workshop because that is where all the learnings from the workshop are applied. A sure shot success path created by the participants for their own goals guaranteeing achievement of the defined Success intensively.

Key Benefits

  • Know your Personality Type
  • Know Your Strengths
  • Create executable 90 Day ACTion plan
  • Identify your limitations and fear
  • Know your mind operating system – mOS

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