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Own Your Time - Become Certified In Training Time Management - Online Training

Training Details

Location : Bangalore
Date : 12 Nov 2019
Time : 07:00 PM - 09:00 PM

About The Event

Here's the opportunity to get certified in delivering training on Time Management! It will be a 10 hours (5 sessions) course, conducted by a Master Trainer and Internationally Certified Coach - Mr.Suresh Babu S. The scheduled 5 sessions will be on 12th, 14th, 16th, 19th and 21st Nov'19, from 7 PM- 9 PM. In case, you miss a session, you will be receiving the recording of the session. The course will help us realize how time is a limited resource and the following objectives: - We will understand the adverse effects of not managing our time effectively. -Know how well you are managing it and recognize areas that need intervention. - Understand the barriers to effective time management. - Learn various tools and techniques to optimize your time management skills. - Associate application of time management in various scenarios The Actual value of this 10 HOURS course is Rs.7700/- but if you sign up NOW, you can avail it for only Rs.2400/-

Key Benefits

  • Become certified to train on Time Management
  • Help yourself develop personally
  • Get hands on tips on managing time

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