My Two hours with the First Woman President of India Shm. Pratibha Patil A Woman of Substance

15 Feb 2021

 It so happened, that I was scrolling through my saved works when I came across my picture with Shm. Pratibha Patil, 12th President of India, the crusader of women, a symbol of women empowerment. A woman who is always loved by her countrymen.

I have reminiscences of her visit to our college where I was working as the Head of the Department of English. This picture has made me feel quite nostalgic. I remember those two hours spent with her--- how mesmerized I was by her quiet and composed demeanor. Though a diminutive figure and soft exterior but with a strong interior.  I still can’t forget that meeting wherein I could see how her personality exuded grit and confidence. My colleagues and students were excited about her visit.

I can still recall her voluble speech which held a charm over our students. She motivated them by saying that it is the inner resolve and self-confidence that makes a person move in life. She shared her life experiences with us. She informed that though she comes from a small village her determination to do great for her country and society was always her priority and it had led her as the vanguard—being the first Lady Governor of Rajasthan & first lady President of India.

As Women’s day is approaching near, for me thou every day is a women’s day. We feel the power of women every day and everywhere. We are not the vulnerable ones anymore, but we are the blessed creatures of God with invincible courage, compassion, and valor. Shm. Pratibha Patil epitomizes contemporary women, and women like her deserve an encouraging pat for putting their best foot forward for the advancement of their families, society, and our country. She has proved the Maxim that— ‘Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice, It is not a thing to be wanted for. It is a thing to be achieved.’






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Manjula Arora

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