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Protection of children from sexual offences – Law & Practice

Published: Nov 5th, 2019 11:19 amBy Deepa Rafeeque
 Children are the future of the nation. The future of a strong nation can only be measured on the strength of its upcoming generation. Therefore, the mental and physical strength of our children is critical. 

The children arevulnerable by nature. They can be easilyabused, sexually. Such offences can shatter them and would leave a permanent scar in their attitude, towards the society and such incidents become big hindrances in their natural growth and resultantly deterrent for society growth and weakens the nation.The uninterrupted growth of a child is the responsibility of parents, schools, society and the Government. All these stakeholders plays the dominant roles in upbringing a of child and in-turn to build a strong society and nation.

The Constitution of India mandates responsibility on Government to take all necessary steps for ‘child safety and security’ including to frame and enact special laws for children safety and security. The relevant law is “Protection of Children form Sexual Offences Act,2012” (‘POCSO Act’) along with other laws like Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act, 2015 and Commission for Protection of Child Rights Acts,2005.  All these laws mandate the child rights, safety and security.

POCSO Act insists stringent punishment to the perpetrators of sexual abuse. It also mandates compliances against all the stakeholders at different levels. Many of the people around us are not aware of the repercussions of sexual abuse on children. The studies show that the children who had faced any type of sexual abuse in their childhood, they grow up with more aggressive behavior. Why such situation to arrive, so better to prevent such offences.

It needs awareness. The awareness required for all stakeholders i.e. Parents, Schools, Teachers, Media, Police, Doctors or anyone working/dealing with children. Therefore, the awareness programmes/ trainings to be conducted in every educational institute for children as well as parents, staff, teachers and other stake holders. The major reason from the sexual abuse against children is said to be the non-awareness of the seriousness of offences. Thus, it is imperative that every stakeholder must to know the provisions of the Act to understand and discharge their duties towards the children. Such duties are not optional.

The said awareness can be implemented through systematic and regular training sessions for parents,teachers, NGOs, police etc. 

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