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Virtual Meetings and Dress Code

Published: Jun 25th, 2020 01:12 pmBy Deepa Rafeeque

Today, often these words are being spoken and heard, everywhere..!

All works shifted to web platforms. Let it be of a big MNC, A Govt Office, Educational Institutes or Courts, all are relied upon the virtual meetings/sessions.

Does your attire have anything to do with these virtual sessions? At least, I found a couple of judicial observations

I think one of the professions, where your attire has utmost relevance, it’s our courts.

During last three months came across two orders from the courts...

1.    The Supreme Court:

“Lawyers should be presentable and avoid showing ‘inappropriate images’ – Order passed by the Court when a lawyer, during a virtual hearing, appeared in a T-shirt and was lying on the bed..”

2.    Rajasthan High Court was prompted to adjourn bail proceedings before it after the petitioner's counsel was found to be attending the Court's video conference hearing in a ‘baniyan’ (inner vest). The Court observed thatThis court has already observed that during this (pandemic) where court functioning is being done through video conferencing, lawyers must appear in proper uniform. Even through video conferencing a (decorum) of the court is required to be maintained. The Advocates Act provides for lawyers to wear uniform while pleading case for their clients."Before lockdown, each one of us physically attending our workplaces properly dressed up, in a presentable manner. We were so concerned about our appearance. What happened when the workplace is shifted to home – same office, same people, same domain, same clients, and possibly same working hours? Only difference is the ‘PHYSICAL BOUNDARIES OF THE WORKPLACE’.

We consider these physical boundaries are the sole reason to take care of our appearance and that we forget all office manners/decorum.

Even such inappropriate dressing can attract the Provisions of ‘Sexual Harassment at Workplace’ law in few circumstances.

Proper dressing enhances our image and confidence. Let’s not ignore it.

It’s not only dress, it’s about the background also, which is visible in virtual sessions. Our home is a private place;, why to show others a bedroom or scattered stuff around or anything like that.

Therefore, it’s always good to be in appropriate dress and suitable background while sitting for any virtual meeting. So let’s maintain official decorum where ever we appear as we shouldn’t  forget that one day we will go back to our physical office..!;


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