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Published: Jun 19th, 2020 05:23 pmBy Gousia A S

Nowadays work from home is the buzz word and is probably going to be the world is going to function. Work has shifted from the office desk to the couch and the bed side table. The environment has changed but the expectations are the same. It is a difficult task to meet these expectations without having a suitable change in the mindset and the environment.

1.                Work area:

It is important to determine the work area on the work that is required to be done. Choose a work area depending on what is expected from you. A calm space to make notes or to think; or opt  for  the dining table while participating in a meeting. Ensure that you are distraction free. Identify which is your most productive part of the day and see if you can sort your work accordingly.

                Make sure that your house is clutter free. It will help you be more focused and aligned with your work. It will also keep you away from distraction. Do not allow any kind of pending household chores to pull your attention.

                Prepare yourself for the day:

Working from home does not mean lazing around in pajamas. It is important to gear yourself and get into an office like setting. Wake up on time; get ready as you would when go to the office. Have your coffee or whatever gets you in the work mode. Create a to-do list for the day. Prepare yourself physically and mentally for the day.

                Posture and setting:

Keep important things nearby. It could include a pencil, office papers or even a water bottle. Set your laptop at eye level. Sit straight; do not strain your neck. Keep your position comfortable. The use of a side table or having a dedicated office space with a comfortable chair creates a world of difference.

                Natural light is wonderful, it acts as an excellent source; but it may also cause a glare on the computer screen. It is recommended to draw the curtains if the light is too   bright. Also, the use of appropriate table lamps is suggested if the overhead lighting is not that great.

Irrespective of the environment in which one works, it is important to plan out a daily schedule. Set a start time, a break time; it is important to take a break to refresh yourself from time to time; and a time to clock off for the day. This will not only help track progress but will also keep you organized.

7.                Taking a break:

Taking a walk around the corner can relax and pave way for new ideas. A cup of coffee, spending time with children and being off screen can actually help gear yourself up. Constant screen staring and work related thoughts may cause increased tension and stress. It is important to relax and rejuvenate oneself. Just because you work from home it does not mean that you have to be logged on 24/7. It is important to create a work life balance irrespective of a real time environment or a virtual environment. 

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