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Published: Nov 26th, 2020 05:38 pmBy Narendra Tiwari

We have seen COVID-19(CORONA) virus in summer this year, the times when it was probably weaker, and its effect in winters have started to boom in which a growing threat we are already witnessing is combination infections – where corona virus is coming with dengue, typhoid and even cholera in a deadlier form.


Due to Pandemic fear, we have seen nearly 40% jump in online insurance sales during Covid-19 lockdown Phase -1 making Insurance products Pull Type Product rather than Push Type Product. But, it’s still a fact that in India, “Life Insurance is still sold not bought”. Thus, the agents who made them compatible with online process only got the pie of this year insurance business.

So, when the situation is rising again where your probable customer as well as you can not go out of your Home, Fasten your belt, go through blog and prepare yourself for your share of Insurance business.

A)   Prepare Social Media Sales Funnel for 10x Results-

1)    Increase your presence and be active on Whatsapp Groups, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, instagram etc.

2)    Know what to post – Post Insurance related Blogs, Articles, News, Fund Performance, Quizes, Your Achievements etc. consistently in some intervals and not in one shot. It shall enhance your brand image.

3)    Know what to track – Check how many times your post is shared and Who has liked and commented..

4)    Posting is only 20% Job – Yes, your job starts thereafter.

5)    Use the Right Platform in which you are comfortable.


B)    Online Prospecting – It is old style of adding names to list & slowly building relationship. The Online opportunity is big but you need to be fast & move ahead of others.

1)    Lead Generation – Start interacting with such peoples who Like/Comment.

2)    Starting a Relationship – Search for detailed profiles of this peoples on Whatsapp, Facebook, Linkedin, instagram etc and then start interacting on DM(Direct Message) on instagram/ Messenger. BE AGGRESSIVE & make First move.

3)    Nurturing Relationship – Be Thankful to peoples for Liking, Sharing and /or commenting though Whatsapp, phone or Video Calls separately.

4)    Approaching for Business opportunity – Now, the prospect will ask you for the products, opportunity etc. First of all, you should be able to open their mind and clarify their why’s. You should successfully explain Why your company is best.

Thumb rule – Everything that the prospect can ask, keep it ready in the form of Product Leaflets/ Videos/ Images/ PDF documents etc.

C)   Online Follow Ups – It is Old style of doing follow-through, not on phone but one to one. But, now you have to keep below things in mind.

1)    Use Video Calls – Through Whatsapp, Skype, Google Meets, Zoom etc. to give personal and face-to face Feel.

2)    Have patience. It may take longer.

3)    Finish every follow through with either sale or next confirmed appointment.

4)    Increase your Numbers.

5)    Keep in mind that Social media and online numbers are different from online meetings.

6)    Note that Conversion Ratio may be lower & longer. Earlier if it was 7 out of 10. Now it may be 5 or 3.

Keys to winning the online game :

1)    Stronger Invitation, Reminders & increased numbers – Your invitation should be attractive and mind catching with Reminders in a intervals. Also, Invitation numbers should be on high side considering conversion ratio.

2)    Intimation Vs Invitation – We shall be able to connect online with maximum customers only when we do not just send intimation to them but invite them as suggested.

Now, I have briefed the big opportunity in PANDEMIC Situation & given you the strategies, but to take advantage of it, you have to Get out of mental Lockdown & adopt new system of working. have to Implement them, Reorient your mind set and Upgrade your skillsBe faster than the rest. Many are are already late.

Work with Goal. Not Hope. Have absolute faith in yourself by saying :

a)    I will build a big business online.

b)    I will learn new Tools & Techniques fast.

c)    I am ready to change & upgrade my skills.

Also, Get out of Myths/ wrong beliefs :

a)    Insurance Agency doesn’t give respect. It’s just as business for some small part-time extra income.

b)  Jinke Pas kuchh karne ko nahi hota, wahi ye business karte hai.

c)    I know all the things.

d)    Slow & steady wins the race.

e)    My Up-lines will take care.

f)     Training is an Expense. I can’t afford it.

g)    It takes long time to succeed.

Also, Ask your self :

a)    How much money do you want to earn every month ?

b)    How much time you are willing to invest daily for this dream of yours ?

c)    How many months you want to invest to reach this level ?

You can come into this business by chance but you cannot be a MDRT by chance. This is the best time to build & Accelerate your insurance business. This business have Huge opportunity, but business rules are changed and now you know the mindset of people & strategies to approach them. Thus, make a plan and start action to be MDRT.

Start Afresh. Make a New beginning

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