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Reputation Management

Published: May 19th, 2023 10:50 amBy Ramananda ms
  • Reputation management is the practice of monitoring the reputation of an individual or brand. Companies who seek to maintain strong and specific brand identities should consider Reputation management as part of their marketing plan. Reputational capital that helps to build relationships and grow their organizations.
  • With a long-term corporate focus on risk management and prevention, organizations will be able to minimize the damages resulting from online criminal activity, intellectual property rights abuses and defamatory discussion.

incoprorating best practices of Reputation Management will Strengthen loyalty and repeat business among customer Maintain a favourable reputation in the workplace and marketplace, Enhance and build the organisation’s good name and reputation , avoid damage to the organisation’s reputation, build more reliable relationships among buyers and sellers, - Increase social media participation. Improve personnel branding or impression management, Improve online identity or social identity and finally establish long term policies, strategies and processes involving cross-functional participation.

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