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ABCs of Carbon Foot Print : A must know for all responsible citizens & more so netizens...

Published: Jun 3rd, 2021 09:40 amBy Suresh Babu

Whether it’s from doing things like burning fossil fuels through driving, cranking up the furnace or grilling a steak, we are all responsible for releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, which is called our carbon footprint.

When we collectively produce more carbon than the planet can absorb, the extra CO2 contributes to climate change. Even less obvious daily activities add to our carbon footprint, such as using the internet.

While the internet’s data is essentially invisible, it is processed and stored in massive data centres all over the world. Those data centres are powered 24/7, just waiting to send information — videos, podcasts, music, news, memes, messages and everything the internet offers — to our digital devices. All that data that we’ve grown accustomed to having fast at our fingertips along with our always-on mentality ends up contributing to our digital carbon footprints.

Eight ways to reduce your digital carbon footprint

1. Adjust power settings

2. Lower your monitor brightness

3. Turn on strict tracking protection

4. Download instead of stream

5. Reuse your searches

6. Block video autoplay

7. Offset your digital carbon footprint

8. Get bored

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