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Why T20? Is TIME getting Expensive with TIME?

Published: Jun 2nd, 2019 03:01 pmBy Suresh Babu

Life's Most Precious Commodity in Present Era is TIME.

Time is a unique resource. You can’t buy it, rent it, borrow it, store it, save it, renew it, or multiply it. All you can do is spend it. There is no way you can “save” time. When people say they are “saving” time, they simply mean they’re spending less time on a task. They’re not saving it for future use because all time must be spent now.

 “You may delay, but time will not.” — Benjamin Franklin

The concept of time is elusive because, well, it stands still for no man. Beyond time being an arbitrary number derived from the Earth’s axial rotation and orbital revolution around the sun, it is also the life’s currency that you can never regain after “spending” it.

You’re the only one who can spend YOUR time. And how you spend your time reveals your true VALUES. A person could say his health is important to him, but if he’s too busy to spend time on exercise and nutrition, we would question how truthful he is being about his values.

Efficiency and effective use of TIME.

Efficiency refers to doing the job right. Effectiveness refers to doing the right job. When you’re efficient, you do the job in front of you in the best possible way. But when you’re effective, you may or may not do the job in front of you. You do what most needs to be done at a particular point in time, this is where priority comes into play. And one master this game, read on to know the rules of the game.

Avoid the Diversions. Disorganized people are those who can’t focus their efforts when they’re faced with lots of tasks. So they end up being poor time managers or even time wasters. You can’t let that happen to you. Start by listing all the personal and professional tasks facing you. Rate the importance of each task as either high, medium, or low, and do them in the order of their importance. 

Avoid Dilemma. Think about what you want out of life … not how much you can get done. Assess all your activities. If they add to your life, keep them. If they don’t, eliminate them whenever possible.

• Understand your body clock. Identify its peak times and try to schedule especially difficult work for those times.

• Don’t crowd every minute with some task. If you do, tension rises and effectiveness declines.

• Slow down. Don’t be addicted to rushing. Ask, “Why am I rushing? What will happen if I don’t rush?” Learn the difference between necessary haste and unnecessary impatience.

• Subtract an old activity from your life each time you add a new one.

Those who accomplish their dreams in life understand this concept better than anybody, because they are the wisest barterers of their time. We are all allotted a certain amount of time in our lives, and it is those who spend it doing things they are passionate about that will achieve those aspirations.

Be thankful for every second you are given, tomorrow is never guaranteed, so do what you can today to better yourself and let the chips fall where they may.

Now, let’s dwell into the history of most favourite game, Cricket. Initially test cricket would last for 5 days, then it was reduced for 4 days and 3 days respectively.

In 1971, the first three days of the test match were abandoned and a one-day game was played, the first ODI. Would like to pause and ponder on why these change in duration.

A fast and furious Twenty20 format was devised earlier this millennium to modernize cricket and keep it competitive, saving time.

Will you ever see a shorter form of cricket than twenty twenty? Do you think this would continue or it may end with a game of only 20 balls, with time being precious?

Whether you are an busy working professional or entrepreneur, it’s time we become hyper sensitive to time, you may have time however not your stakeholders.

Test matches, changed to One Day International and in turn into T20 and similarly movies are getting shortened in duration.

I would like to leave you with a question to ponder. What does this change mean to you?

Leave your comments and I am keen to hear your shared thoughts. Stay tuned for another Friday, soon!

Suresh Babu S, Performance Coach, One Life Academy, Bangalore, India


Thus, Treasure every moment you have and treasure it more because you shared it with someone special, special enough to be spent with and enjoy every second of your life. We just have One Life to Live!