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Are you Ready for Digital Decade?

Published: Jun 18th, 2021 03:40 pmBy Suresh Babu

As we step into the new decade, 2021 to 2030, which can be called as Digital Decade, it's of utmost importance to change the lens with which we see the world, new world.

In our professional reality of technological disruption, organisations / businesses need 

leaders with an ability to learn and keep pace with technology. 

It's imperative that we add new digital overlay to the talents and emphasise how digital 

transformation is impacting every aspect of our work. Core functional knowledge is not 

enough in today’s increasingly complex and competitive global marketplace.

Those who are seeking added skills in leadership and business acumen that support 

strategic objectives only can contribute to the bottom line.

The ideal skill set is a combination of technical, leadership,and strategic / business 

management expertise — and now, digital skills.

My training / seminars and webinars and teachings will focus on developing the additional skills the future leaders need to meet the evolving demands on all professions.

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Pic Courtesy: Indigovision