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To Forget is not a Bad Thing

Published: Jan 30th, 2021 09:22 pmBy Binu Kurien

We have been taught or rather encouraged to cultivate a strong memory from child hood. Our Indian tradition gives importance of using Brahmi , Ghee  and all other ingredient to boost our memory. We get self motivated when we remember events , incidents , good and bad and we tend to get centre of attraction of gatherings Imagine you in old school meet and you out score others giving more events and incidents; to remember all that we have learnt  over the years; for the more knowledgeable we are, the better.  In Chinese methodology . Meing PO is goodness is the Goddess of forgetfulness Then why create a Goddess for forgetfulness of all things.

Old Lady Meng') is the goddess of forgetfulness in Chinese mythology, who serves soup on the Bridge of Forgetfulness or Nai He Bridge (???). This soup wipes the memory of the person so they can reincarnate into the next life without the burdens of the previous life. She awaits the dead souls at the entrance of the 9th round (Fengdu). 

It advocates free of baggage of previous birth.  She brews five herbs that create amnesia, also called e waters  of oblivion - that one must drink from  before entering the next life.

Just as a hard drive  gets chocked with stuff and finally crashes, the human mind  needs space , else it might simply crash . Space that makes elbow room so that we are not crowded with memories and thoughts all the time. Only when we create some space , there is opportunity to grow, thrive , to prosper and find some sort of happiness. Most of the Gurus ask us to live in present moment, to fully  savour and experience  the present for that is where we are at the moment. We can effectively experience the present only when we we press the erase button for past affairs and hold the future in.  During this covid , I am sure that many among us might have got our mind crowded with past memories and anxieties about the future, giving no space to enjoy the present. Memories of the past may restrict our happiness , may  even put as in depressed state of mind.

It is good to have selective amnesia to remove ego clashes , misunderstandings. conflict  and to be more energetic , motivated,  creative , to be more innovative and to  develop empathy towards fellow human beings. We need to develop this skill to erase unwanted memories or hurting memories  which we have been carrying all these years so that we can be happy and peaceful always.

So , To forget is not a a bad thing at all. 

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