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What Type of Meetings should be held?

Published: Jun 30th, 2020 12:23 pmBy Binu Kurien

For the success of any meetings, the convener or host should understand that there are at least three types of meetings. They are Informational, Problem solving and Change facilitating.

Informational Meetings 

These are the easiest to plan. The purpose is to inform the group about the recent developments. The best example could be how the new timings in the office and what are precautions we should take during Covid19. The convener or the host of the meeting does most of the talking and but there is scope for two way communication from the audience as well. This enables the convener to get a feedback from the group about whether they understand and accept the new proposals.

Problem solving meetings 

These meetings usually have fewer participants than informational meetings. Problem solving meetings usually focus on arriving at a decision, changing existing procedures, adopting a new system etc.. These meetings are also used to generate new ideas.

Change facilitating meetings.

These meetings needs to be carefully planned. I may share with a example of company trying to get its employees to buy or change to new health insurance provider. The convener has to look ways to sell the new concept or proposal to the employees. He should be working on the advantages of this product compared to earlier one. He should also find answer to question why an employee should adopt a new health insurance. He also keen to observe and study the objections that employees are bound to raise.. He should be well prepared with right answers and each question from audience should be considered or acknowledged for  a later reply. Here planning and delivery and maintaining time schedules counts for the success of the meetings.


  Having decided what time of meetings should be called, the convener has to decide who should be invited or asked to participate.


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