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In Conversation with Prof. Divya Gupta

Published: Aug 19th, 2023 11:00 pmBy Jharna Jagtiani

Prof. Divya Gupta is a luminous figure in the realm of visual storytelling and education. A multifaceted individual, she is an accomplished National Award-Winning Photographer, a captivating TEDx Speaker, a prolific Author, and a dedicated Academician. With a profound journey spanning over 7 years, Prof. Divya has emerged as a true trailblazer in the field of Photography and Media.

Currently holding the esteemed positions of Head of Marketing & Communications and Adjunct Professor at IFIM Institutions, Prof. Divya's impact on the academic and professional landscape is both profound and inspiring. Her extensive tenure also includes noteworthy associations with prestigious institutions like O.P. Jindal Global University and Jagran Lakecity University, underscoring her commitment to shaping the future of aspiring photographers and media enthusiasts.

What sets Prof. Divya apart is her unwavering passion for photography, a passion that not only propelled her to reach unparalleled heights but also compelled her to share her expertise. This passion culminated in the authorship of two groundbreaking books, "Photography Demystified Vol-I & II." Through these volumes, she demystified the intricacies of photography, making the art accessible to a wider audience and empowering aspiring photographers to explore their creative potential.

Prof. Divya's journey is peppered with accolades that underscore her exceptional contributions. Her notable recognitions include the esteemed Dainik Bhaskar National Woman Pride Award, the prestigious National Rising Stars Award by BARCLAYS, the Agniban Women’s Excellence Award, and the coveted IGNOU Women Achiever’s Award. These awards not only honor her achievements but also stand as a testament to her relentless pursuit of excellence.

Beyond her impressive professional accolades, Prof. Divya is driven by a deep commitment to social causes. She actively engages with environmental initiatives, underscoring her dedication to creating a sustainable and vibrant future. Additionally, her role as a mentor to NGO students exemplifies her belief in nurturing young talent and imparting them with the tools to succeed.

The reverberations of Prof. Divya's captivating work have resonated far and wide, capturing the attention of news outlets and magazines. Her captivating portfolio has been featured multiple times, inspiring fellow photographers and art enthusiasts alike. Her artistry transcends boundaries, touching hearts and igniting imaginations.

In the ever-evolving landscape of photography, media, and education, Prof. Divya Gupta stands as a shining beacon of creativity, knowledge, and inspiration. Her journey continues to illuminate paths for the present and future generations, guiding them towards excellence and fostering a deep appreciation for the arts and beyond.

What motivated you to pursue a career in photography and media?

My passion for art and storytelling, combined with a fascination for the power of visual imagery, motivated me to pursue a career in photography and media. I believe that a single photograph can convey emotions, tell a compelling story, and inspire change. This passion led me to explore photography and media as a means to express myself creatively and make a positive impact on society.

Could you share some key experiences and lessons you learned during your 7+ years in the industry?

Over the 7+ years in the industry, I have had the privilege of working on diverse projects and collaborating with talented individuals. Some key experiences that have shaped me as a photographer and media professional include capturing powerful moments during social movements, witnessing the transformative impact of visual storytelling, and learning to adapt to changing technology and industry trends. Through these experiences, I have learned the importance of perseverance, adaptability, and the ability to connect with people through my work.

As a National Award-Winning Photographer, what do you believe sets your work apart from others in the field?

I believe what sets my work apart is my dedication to capturing authentic emotions and stories in a visually compelling manner. I strive to bring a unique perspective to every project, focusing on the human element and again the power of visual storytelling. Additionally, my passion for social causes including environmental causes has also influenced my photography, as I aim to raise awareness about critical issues through my work.

How did your journey as an academician in photography and media begin, and what do you enjoy most about teaching?

My journey as an academician began as I felt a strong desire to share my knowledge and experiences with aspiring photographers and media enthusiasts. I found joy in mentoring and nurturing talent, helping students discover their creative potential, and equipping them with the skills needed to excel in the field. The most rewarding aspect of teaching is witnessing the growth and success of my students as they find their unique voice in photography and media.

What skills and techniques have you acquired over the years that have contributed to your success in the field?

Over the years, I have honed my technical skills in photography, mastering various camera techniques and post-processing methods. Additionally, I have developed strong communication skills, which are crucial for understanding the needs of clients and effectively conveying stories through visual imagery. My ability to adapt to different commercial projects has also been instrumental in achieving success in the diverse and ever-evolving field of photography and media.

How do you balance your roles as Head of Marketing & Communications and Adjunct Professor at IFIM Institutions?

Balancing my dual roles as the Head of Marketing & Communications and Adjunct Professor at IFIM School of Journalism requires effective time management and prioritization. I ensure clear communication with both teams, delegate responsibilities where appropriate, and maintain a flexible schedule to accommodate the demands of each role. Moreover, I draw on my experience in marketing and media to enhance my teaching and vice versa, creating a symbiotic relationship between my professional engagements.

Tell us about the inspiration behind writing your books, "Photography Demystified Vol-I & II."

The inspiration behind writing "Photography Demystified Vol-I & II" was to bridge the gap between aspiring photographers and the complex world of photography. I wanted to simplify photography concepts, techniques, and processes so that enthusiasts could explore their creativity with confidence. The books are a culmination of my experiences and insights, aiming to empower readers to harness the potential of photography and create impactful visual narratives.

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