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Have an Undying Hope

Published: Jan 3rd, 2021 02:01 amBy Manjula Arora                                                   

                                                                                Have an Undying Hope

Alfred Adler says ‘’Hope is the foundational quality of all change.’’ It is hope that adds zest in life. We hope for a better future, a better life, good health and so forth, so for that we base our life with hopes and aspirations. One accomplishment in life adds another hope for further accomplishment. This hope pulls us through. It would not be wrong to say that hope is the cause of decision. We are then driven to action for our dreams to come true. As long as we have hope we can achieve anything ---advancing ourselves to our goals.

Hope can be likened to a flame that is nurtured in our hearts. It could be sparkled by some encouraging words of our mentor, our friends, our parents, or our relatives, which act as a fuel for hope. It is our inner resolve that fans the flame of hope burning. We need to believe in our limitless potential and have faith in ourselves to turn impossible to possible.

But what happens with some of us----We drop down from our goal on our failures or rejection. I am reminded of story of Marvan Atapattu the Sri Lankan cricketer, who was dropped down thrice from the Sri Lankan cricket team during test cricket. Six years of trying and failing did not let his morale down. He remained undaunted and kept working hard for his goal. The ardent hope of achieving his ambition kept burning in his heart. Finally, he came like a blast and went to score 5000 for his country and was fortunate to be the captain his team. It was perseverance and hope that did not let him lose heart.

 But the question arises---as how to keep our hope alive at difficult times? -- As life is full of challenges and we are likely to lose hope. We hear stories of talented people who gave up before their potential was realized.

 So, this is the time to dig deeper within ourselves searching for a glimmer of light, no matter how slight the glimmer may be, for the possibility of breaking through the impasse before us. It is through these difficult circumstances that we get strengthened. Hope begins through the challenge---the effort what we make, however distant it may seem, but the sparkle of hope helps us to move towards our ideal. As SGI President Ikeda says, “Hope has the power to change winter of life into spring, bareness to creativity, and agony to joy.”

 Just as an unemployed person with no hope of finding a job would not look for one. A sick person with no hope to recovery will not make efforts to find a good medical aid for himself. It is hope that pulls us through in our life. I believe that it is not the physical death, which is the ultimate tragedy, but we die when we give up on our growth and lose all hope. I am glad 2020 has taught us to nurture that soft corner in our hearts where HOPE abides and has brought us on the threshold of 2021.

Committing ourselves on vast goals and dreams would make us more enthusiastic. We can bring a spark of hope to others in our society by being bright and sunny, rather than being self-absorbed and gloomy. True meaning of life is in taking challenges of creating a new reality and not being occupied with dismal thoughts and being paralyzed with despair. Next time when you are staring at possible failure or rejection, then think of Marvan. If you stay on the course, the runs will eventually come.



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