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How Sparkling is Your Goal ?

Published: Feb 5th, 2021 12:30 pmBy Manjula Arora                                          

                                                      Out of numerous determinants for moving your life in perfect order, I feel goal setting plays a decisive role. I am sure you would agree with me in saying that goal achieving is not only subjected to your business or job. There are a number of fields where goal setting can be applied---be it in our positive state of health or positive study goals (enhancing your knowledge and skills), positive relationship goals (personal relationship or business relationship), or in our business/ jobs and many others. Success is bound to walk in our life only when we are serious about our goals and aware of our responsibilities.

Would you ever board a train without knowing about its destination?   I think everyone would say NO to this question of mine. Just as we need to know the destination for the train, we need to have a goal for our life to run smoothly… Goals are dreams with a deadline, clear direction, and an action plan. They are backed by determination and dedication. Goal Setting and Goal Achieving exists for all human beings in all stages of life.

. It means that hard goals give us a feeling of great accomplishment as it is that drive that makes us work hard for it. Setting clear goals is the key to start our journey to success. Vague goals are taken just as an initiative but having clarity and making them specific can help to measure the results accurately.

---- Are you writing down your goals? As writing down goals is important, be it personal or team goals. This would make one committed giving a positive direction.

----Are you making your goals specific?  Use specific and measurable standards—like achievable goals and not random ones. Say, if someone is over-weight and wants to reduce from 80 kg to 40kg in a month would be unrealistic and this would also take a toll on his health. But taking a challenge of reducing 5 kg in a month would sound realistic. So, are you conscious of it?

----What is your approach towards your goals? Always have a ‘Do it now’ attitude for achieving your goals rather than having a procrastinating attitude. Remember it is now or never and tomorrow never comes. Wishes are fleeting! And this would make your wish die. As there are chances of getting distracted by multiple opportunities available.

-----I hope you are not the one who has his fingers in every pie. Grab one opportunity at a time. Moving on to multiple opportunities tends to lose your focus---which leads to underperformance.

----Do we know, focusing on too many options loses on persistence? Learn to change ‘tactics’ towards achieving your goal (dream), but not the DREAM itself. If your dream seems to be elusive then change the tactics towards achieving it.

----Are you mindful to pull yourself away from non-achieving activities and creating goal-fulfilling behavior?  The key approach towards your goal is, keeping in the company of the right people, skills, and activities related to your goal. Like pull yourself away from ice-cream and junk food habits if you are inclined in losing your weight but driving towards it would always lead to temptation.

Always remember ---the determination to succeed, the power of persistence, and the power of focus are the ingredients to success. One should have the attitude of never giving up and fighting on. It doesn’t matter if you have lost dozens of battles. The real enemies lie within you—doubt, fear, indecision, and reluctance. “What you get by achieving goals is not important as what you become by achieving your goals” --Michelangelo Buonarroti.  Be a warrior of your dream, a knight of your goal, and a soldier of your wishes!


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