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Indian joint Family System, an innate contributor to teamwork skills

Published: Jun 17th, 2021 04:21 pmBy Manjula Arora

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 I sincerely feel that the culture of Team Working at our workplaces had got evolved through the Joint family system in India. Where there was the head of the family and the rest of the family members listened and respected his command and wishes. Everyone in the family worked collectively as a team. Where all 3 generations had their own responsibility. The Oldest generation were the embodiments of collective wisdom and compassion. The family found solace and comfort in their company, and everyone valued their prudent advice. The middle generationon the other hand were the bread earners of the family, who did physical hard work and looked into the needs of the family. The younger generationbrought joy and exuberance and liveliness to the family. They were the ones who brought comfort and happiness to everyone. So, we could see that everyone held a collective responsibility of enhancing each one’s capabilities

Aren’t we Indians proud to give this concept to the world?I can recall a visit of my foreign friends to India in 2008. They had visited India for the first time. They admired our culture of living TOGETHER in a family.

We are so fortunate to have given this Teamwork Culture to the world. The companies have realized its importance for sure. In this Globalized world, there are people working not only on diverse fields, but we have people coming from diverse cultural backgrounds, genders, ages, races, and religions. It has led to respecting each other; not being gender or religious bias and being more courteous.

Studies have shown dominant positive results that when employees from diverse ethnic groups develop understanding amongst themselves.

The research has shown that having an insight into your customers through diverse viewpoints leads to better understanding.

Working for a common goal of success with diverse solutions helps to increase creativity and productivity.

Another point of utmost importance is the feeling of inclusiveness—which helps to reduce barriers and the fear of being rejected is reduced to a large extent. The feeling of inclusiveness of each individual in our families has also played a major role in running the families in a seamless manner. This had added in giving respect to each individual, be it the eldest one (male or a female) or the youngest ones.

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