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What is holding you---your fears, or is the procrastination?

Published: Jun 11th, 2021 04:06 pmBy Manjula Arora

Have we ever realized that many of us unwittingly become adversaries of our own growth, our own largeness of soul, as we create artificial boundaries for ourselves? There is a fear of narrowness. Fear of what if I lose, what if it doesn’t work. Fear of what people would think and so on---

There could be several incidents in our life when we feel indecisive about certain things---either there are various options available to us that make us immobilized, or we take an easy road and simply mothball them all for future consideration. There could also be chances of procrastinating our decisions as well. It is most likely that we push things to the future—creating an illusion that we have mastery over our decision-making, but in reality, we don’t realize that postponing a decision is almost akin to negating it. We are in a way robbing ourselves of our true fulfillment. Procrastination of decision to a remote day only tends to multiply the agony into future It weighs upon the spirit as an unfulfilled duty that weighs upon our conscience. “We can’t step twice into the same stream, for the second time the stream has flowed onwards, and we have flowed onwards too” … Heraclitus, a Greek philosopher. It is found amongst several people that they postpone a decision for tomorrow as they are apprehensive of the knowledge that they have. They feel that that they would be better informed later than now rather than going for research without any delay.

Is it the fear factor that inhibits us to take any decision?  Are we overridden by our own fears?  Mind it-- fear is merely a vision of our mind.

Winston Churchill had said, “Fear is a reaction and courage is a decision.” Rather than taking a backseat and not trying, and working on it, is what one is lacking. It is better to live in contentment rather than in regret. Work on your resources. Improve wherever you need to. If it is a fear of failure that makes you indecisive then remember that a rider will only learn cycling when he rides it, mere theoretical knowledge would be of no use. We would rather try and fail than not attempt at all. Not trying means not giving it a go. Our indecision, and not attempting things due to fear, would make us invisible, insignificant, and forgotten, So, why not try and do it. When facing the abyss of tough decision and its outcome, we need to look up –in Eros, high in the sky—the resources to transform the abyss (that every decision open) into a new reality.


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