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Listen to the majestic Power of ‘within’. Change your Thoughts and change your destiny.

Published: Feb 10th, 2021 07:40 pmBy Manjula Arora

www. Are you aware of the fact that there are billions of cells in our brain and they are functioning in complete harmony like a machine---regulated by our autonomic nervous system? Your brain has the power to regulate your physical and mental self. There are two functions of our mind-- Conscious and Subconscious.

This subconscious mind has infinite power, wisdom, and supply of all that is needed. Isn’t it amazing? There are several scientists and psychologists who have researched this. There is infinite intelligence here that gives us access to new thoughts and ideas. If you are stuck to old beliefs so, here is a check. When you are open-minded and receptive then it can open your ways to the good life, new relations, discoveries, etc. everything that you would desire. The wondrous power in your Subconscious mind can make your mind free from material and physical bondage.

Our belief manifests into results. All our experiences, actions, and events are produced by our Subconscious mind and works according to the Law of Belief. You need to have a check on your beliefs, as false beliefs, opinions, superstitions, and fears can become a part of your life and you would react in the same manner. Remember that old saying, ‘As you sow, so shall you reap.’ I am sure everyone wishes to have a good harvest of roses and not thorns. You are like a gardener to the garden of your mind. Sowing the seeds of peace, harmony, happiness, prosperity, and good actions would result in a glorious harvest. It means that the world ‘Without’ is all created by the world ‘Within’. Your world ‘without’ is the reflection of your world ‘Within’.

So, how do we change our external conditions----

It can be done by changing the cause that is created through the conscious mind, whether we make a cause of discord or harmony, success or failure, fear or faith & confidence, hatred or love, lack or abundance, chaos or peace, ignorance or wisdom, all these causes establish in our Subconscious mind, which turn into a belief and become a part of our life. We can change the effects if we change the causes of what we make. It is all in our hands. Our subconscious mind has immense power. We always need to be on our guard as to what are we manifesting, whether they are thoughts of panic, frustration, foreboding, and despair, or we are projecting thoughts of harmony, peace, and love. Giving a continuous thought to your mind what you want to see in your life really works. These ideas can be conveyed to the Subconscious mind by the repetition of thought, faith and expectancy. The treasure house lies within you.

Since you are the captain of the ship of your life, you and only you are responsible for your life---steer it in the right direction. Meditation and positive affirmations would help you to reprogram your Subconscious mind for a healthy and positive life. Statements like ‘I can’t do it or ‘it is impossible’ are negative, replace them with positive affirmations like—' I can do it’ & ‘it is possible'. Fill your mind with expectancy and accomplishment.  I have tried, it works ---Try it, would work for you too.

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