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Do We Understand Depression

Published: Jun 5th, 2019 07:33 pmBy tulika pandit

We are living in a very different world than our ancestors.

I was having a conversation with my grandma, and it is here that she pointed this out. She said that the competition existed when they were working, office politicking existed, so did the everyday issues and chores; but with all of that existed camaraderie, trust, loyalty, a very strong value system. These virtues made an individual mentally strong. The feeling that yes! I have people who are there with me, people who will understand me. This is the feeling that we all miss. I am generalizing this statement because we may not accept it, but, the truth is we have all faced pangs of loneliness. The era today is wonderfully advanced in terms of technology, finances, operational know-how, but it lacks the people touch.

The feeling of being lonely, feeling of not being able to open up is the main cause of Depression.

According to a report by World Health Organization, Depression is a major Public Health Problem.While I was reading this report, it dawned on me that Yes, we do not talk about depression and majorly because we do not understand it

Here I am not going to talk about clinical depression. I am more focused on depression in a daily life. I have in past two months conducted 3 workshops on 'Happiness'. The beginning of each workshop had a diagnosis mechanism to assess the need of the participant. This being a happiness and therapeutic art coaching session, need assessment was significant. The results from the three workshops were shocking. I could sense why is our country 147th in the happiness ranking. I was able to understand most of the participants had issues and they were unhappy. Some were sad on certain things in their lives ; Job, Career, Appraisal, Family, Spouse, Loneliness etc. We do not understand Depression. For us, Depression is only what is termed as 'Clinical Depression',

What is Depression then?

Depression can be defined as the feeling of dejection, gloom, sadness, sorrow, misery, melancholy, discouragement.
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In the age that we are in, these feeling have become persistent. They are always by our side, poking and pinching our optimism and enthusiasm. The most important thing that worries us is our financial stability. For this financial stability we work for long hours expecting an appraisal that will remove this woe.Long working hours contribute immensely in the deteriorating health. Bad health eventually make our performance go low. and then the low performance mean less financial stability. We are all caught up in this vicious circle.

Look around yourself, your family, your friends even acquaintances; have one of the above feelings, and they are in this state for quite sometime. It is important to identify Depression. There is a very urgent need of educating about Depression. Irrespective of age, gender, economical status, these feelings can creep in and slowly destroy the person. Lets quickly identify some more reasons that can cause Depression.

  • Less comments/likes on social media
  • Physique
  • Mood Swings
  • Low Expectation Management
  • Issues in family
  • Peer Pressure
  • Imbalanced Work Life
  • Distrust
  • Loneliness

Some very common reasons that cause people to go into a sorrow, despair mode. If you are witnessing any of these symptoms please do have a word. These symptoms are Depression in an early stage. If we manage it and remove it, clinical depressions cases will go low. Create a Happy Environment around you. Be happy.

Shall discuss, detailed symptoms and what can we do in the upcoming write up.

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