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Employee - A Partner or an Elf

Published: Dec 11th, 2020 03:48 pmBy tulika pandit

Well, this Diwali night, all the siblings sat together and began talking different topics and one such topic was their respective employers.

One thing that I realized was tht people love their jobs, its the employers, leaders who make it worst for them, especially if its a startup. Some of the things that i as an entrepreneur was able to realize were

a. If the employer is paying a salary or an honorarium to his employee, its not a favor that they are doing (a lot entrepreneur have this syndrome), rather you are paying them for their talents, expertise, skills which is eventually adding value to your org and earning more business for you.

b. We work with humans, we work with people who have families, friends, reponsibilities, problems of their own.... Our employees are people and not minions or elves to be always working , to be always there on our beck n call.

As employers, its very essential to come out of this thought. 

c. Well, time management is the key to success for all, and expecting our employees to work for us 24/7 is an irrational thought. Do we pay them salary for their 24/7 services.. i m pretty sure the answer is NO, then this entire thought is wrong. Someone who works with clock is perhaps more productive.

d. We as employers need to decide what is it that we expect from our employees... they investing long working hours or a high performance coz u cant get both. And an expectation like this is unreasonable.

We become parsimonious when it comes to compliment, praise and give raise, but, are very vocal and loud when its to pinpoint a mistake. As employers a very imp thing that we should all understand is that our employees are our partners, investing and contributing their bit with utmost loyalty, and this needs to be recognized. 

A lot of us have taken pandemic as a reason, as an excuse for salary deductions and cut and yet expecting them to work without being resentful..remember the syndrome. This seems like a very grotesque expectation. Have we given a thought of how is it that they are managing with the deductions. NO

I strongly feel its high time that we give them their due.

a. Recognize the talent, the contribution, their loyalty

b. Remember they aren't minions but real people

c. They have a life, a family, friends and spending time with them rejuvenates them, helps them, clears their mental blocks

d. Do not look at the watch, look at the productivity, look at what your partner is bringing on the table

e. Assess your partner's contribution in the growth of your startup.

f. Feel why do u have him as a part of your company

g. What is your partner's value addition for your org

h. Give your partner time to breath, to feel free hence, stop hovering on his head

i. Do not impose your hunger for perfectionism on them, each one of us have our own degree of perfectionism. Multiple iterations of the same task will bring the productivity down.

j. Escape perfectionism. Leave the reins free, decentralize, trust. Do not let this partner of ours feel dejected coz it wont take him a bit to quit Trust me, its our loss coz we loose a resource. 

I strongly feel, this is the time to create and nurture a relationship. Remember, we are not Santa to expect elves

Just a thought.

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