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Published: Sep 21st, 2020 11:41 amBy tulika pandit

I remember when I was 5, my maternal grandpa gave me a small booklet and told me write everything I do in a day, in this booklet. I was not quite interested, but I started recording every little task. For an entire year this exercise continued and during the next summer vacations, he gave me a bigger one and said, now write all u did and all you want to do in this year. For a 6 year kid, it was a simple exercise, but as i grew older, what I want to do, became a tougher question.

Tougher because as adults we become trapped in our inhibitions, assumptions and the social rut.

The Journal helps us in coming out and fight these psychological demons, as it gives us more clarity into what we really want to pursue. It helps in answering the questions like "Why some people are more successful than others?" and "Similar skill sets, similar resources, similar opportunities, yet the success rate is higher for some….How? Why?"

Believe me, the journal is like a super power in our hands which makes us explore the various elements that determines success like time, dedication, clarity in thoughts and faith in oneself. A journal is a reflection of self, of ideas, of aspirations and of goals. Journal is not diary where we are recording our activities or the events of the day, rather, journal is reflective

Journals are therapeutic

Yes, journals help in managing depression, negative thoughts, as it helps in building a buffer between negative thoughts and sense of well-being. It gives an the opportunity to release pent-up negative emotions. I also ask my patients to begin writing a journal, and I have observed that this practice has helped them calming their minds and giving them clarity. For people who suffer from anxiety, writing a journal helps in exploring experiences and enhances the self-awareness by teaching about the triggers.

Some more benefits of daily journaling are: it enhances creativity as it helps us propel towards goals, helping in bringing vision to life; it helps in identifying things that otherwise go unnoticed like the good in us, our strengths, our circle of people; writing takes a lot of thought process, and journal gives a chance to get all of emotions out on paper, reducing stress and releasing tension.

We should have different Journals; journal of aspirations, journal of health, journal of thoughts etc.

So, how to begin journaling. Well, as all introspective meditative thought process, begin by closing your eyes and reflecting on the entire day. Ask yourself; are you on the right path? is there something more that you need to do? are the people you are surrounded with contribute in your growth? Once you are able to figure out the answers, dive in and begin writing. Give journaling 15 mins everyday religiously and re-read your entry.

Stalwarts like Leonardo da Vinci, Bruce lee and many others kept various journals for various things and they were able to achieve it. Da Vinci as we all know was a painter, a sculptor, a poet, a scientist, an engineer and he excelled in all of that. Bruce Lee wrote about his aspirations and in a year's time achieved it.

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He kept a journal for his affirmations, his reflections, his everyday routine and also a journal for his learning.

The daily journal is like an elixir, that rejuvenates, that reignites and creates a positive aura around us, makes us filled with gratitude towards what we have and fills us with rigor to achieve what we want.

Wishing all of you a Happy Journaling.

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