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Most precious Gift to Human Beings

Published: Sep 10th, 2020 04:04 pmBy Dinakar. J

What is the one thing which we all have in equal quantity for every human being? Can you guess what it is? Most of us have not understood the importance of this gift which we all possess. Very few people have realized the importance of this and they are the only ones who go on to become successful in life. The gift is the four letter word. Any guesses?.....it is “TIME”

Most of us have taken it for granted that time is already there and why to worry about it. But how many of us have realized the value of time. Only when we are faced with some catastrophe ,that is the only time we understand that why time is so important.

Time is a concept which is very relative and and is particularly influenced by what emotions we are undergoing at that point in time. We have observed that when we are in good mood , time just flies very quickly and quite opposite happens when the mood is not good, the time seems like going on and on. So, I would like to say that time is linear and proportional to the mood.

There is a concept in science which says that everything is happening in the moment and there is no future time. Everything is in the present moment. The law of attraction also makes use of this principle. In the “Law of Attraction” there is a belief that we need to act as of everything is happening already. This is exactly what I am trying to point out. Anyway, as of now I do not want to dwell on the law of attraction and the power of the present moment, as it will digress from the main topic.

Now we all know that to achieve a goal or target in an organization, it cannot happen without time being into consideration. Imagine your manager gives you a target to work on, but without any time frame. Now compare the same target with a time frame. We very well know that the moment a time frame is there, our entire approach will begin to shift. Automatically a sense of urgency creeps in and we begin to give importance to each and every second. No wonder we say  “Time is money”. If there is no time frame , obviously the seriousness would not be there and we would tend to postpone as much as possible. I guess it is not only confined to working in organizations. Take your personal life. Just imagine how would your weekends be if we do not keep time into consideration. Let us say you have planned to go for an outing to a far off place. Most certainly the time factor needs to be kept in mind. Otherwise you may go for an outing but you may probably have to hurry up if you lose track of time.

Now take our health into consideration. If time is not considered and you do exercise but not at the appropriate time or you have lunch and dinner but not at the appropriate time or you sleep either too  much or too less without having time into consideration, just imagine how unorganized your life may be.

Let us consider managing our finances or wealth without keeping time in our mind. You invest very late in your life whereas there is another person who began investing right from a young age. Don’t you think the life of the latter will be very smooth and tension free as far as money is concerned. But not so in the case of the former because time was not given importance and became serious about financial management only after middle age.

So if you see, every sphere of life requires you to be weary of time. You just cannot ignore time. If you ignore time, than time will ignore you and you will end up in the wrong place at the wrong time. So I believe that time is a very crucial aspect of every human being. If we respect time and do the right things at the right time, everything will be smooth in life.

I would like to share my thoughts about why many of us although we know about the importance of time, we tend to take it very lightly. So time management is all about managing oneself rather than managing time. So I believe for a fact that if we you are able prioritize the activities in a day in appropriate manner most of your time management is done. So, I think that we must always focus our time and effort on all those things which must be done in a day which is most likely going to fetch your desired outcome . The best way to approach is to always begin with end in mind. So first thing is to be absolutely clear what you need to achieve for the day or wjat is the outcome you are looking for. Let us take an instance. In case you want to improve your English. Let us say you have a target of reading books and simple novels. Firstly you need to specify how many pages you would like to complete in a day. Based on that fix a particular time in the day. Some people are morning persons and some are afternoon and some are night people. So let us say you are a night person, fix a particular time like 10pm to 10.30 pm is strictly for reading. By consistently following this routine everyday, your body and mind will get habituated and it will become a habit. So if you see carefully, the time slot was the key factor in developing a good habit. Similarly whatever goal you have set, if you are able to allocate a particular time slot for it and if you keep following a strict habit or ritual, then the probability of attaining your results will increase manifold times. In fact in goal setting there is tested and proven technique called SMART Goal setting. Here

S stands for Specific

M stands for Measurable

A stands for Achievable

R stands for Realistic

T stands for Time Bound

If you observe the last is Time Bound, without which the sense of urgency will be missing and what is the point in achieving your goal when it is too late.



In conclusion, I would like to say that unless and until we respect time and understand the importance of time in our life, time will also not respect us and it will be too late for us to rectify . I would want to end by saying the popular saying “Time and Tide waits for none” and “A stitch in time saves nine.”

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