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What is belief and how to strengthen it? Part 3

Published: Feb 6th, 2021 12:00 pmBy Dinakar. J

The question to be answered  is "how to develop your predominant thought to be in sync with whatever you want in life?"

The answer is the human emotions or feeling. So whatever you are feeling, it is a feedback to you whether your predominant thoughts are on track or not. So now the next question is how to take charge of your feelings. In order to be in the right feeling stage, there are two options . First option is external source. External source may be in the form of watching videos or listening to your favorite music or reading inspirational books of your choice or interacting with people who have achieved something in life  or listening lectures on spirituality.

The internal source is all about your dream or what is it, that you want to achieve in life.

I always believe that internal source is the best way because it is self dependent and more you use it, the more stronger it will become. However,  sometimes you may choose the external source for inspiration to trigger your feelings.

Now to use the internal source that is to understand what is it that you want in life, first we must understand what is life and understand about human being . You need to understand the science behind the science of life.

So to understand life, first we must know that meaning of life, is very subjective. Each person has got his or her own way of looking at things. So one cannot give a standard definition or meaning to life. For me definition of life is  " progressive realization of your dream." and I also like to compare life to a Television or going by the latest technology it would be YouTube. So whatever channel or video you select you will see it on your Television or YouTube respectively. Similarly instead of Channels or videos it's about what is your predominant thought which will decide what you experience in your life. So the experiences is like the channel or video.

Now the next point to understand is about you, me and all human beings. My understanding of humans is that all of us want to go towards pleasure and all of us want to go away from pain. So the main driving force is Pleasure and Pain. The best way to use this is to link pleasure to all the things we must do and link pain to all the things we must never ever do.

Concluding part will appear in the next part.....

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