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Power of Passion

Published: Sep 10th, 2020 03:53 pmBy Dinakar. J

Passion is all about our innermost desires or dreams or aspirations we have and it is very subjective. Some people say that passion comes from external source and some say it is purely internal. I believe it is intrinsically driven.

Whenever we are in a good mood time invariably feels like it is flying and on the other hand, when our emotional mood is not good, it is quite opposite. Why does this happen?

 I have experienced that whenever we are in a good state of mind , we get so much involved and immersed in the activity whatever we may be doing, that we completely lose track of the passage of time. I can relate this to the Transcendental Meditation or “Trans state”. I consider these moments as the most productive time of our life . If you can recall whenever you love what you are doing, we are not at all worried about anything else other than the activity at the moment. The activity may be just watching a movie or sport event or a drama or at a music concert or reading an exciting novel or playing your favourite sport, whatever it is , we are so much focussed, that, we are literally unaware of the normal things we do like eating or sleeping. This is exactly what happens when you are in meditation is what I think. So the bottom line, is when we are in love or passionate about the activity we are involved, the time factor will completely disappear from our mind. So, what I think is that unless and until we discover what is the innermost passion we have, we just cannot do things productively.

I think that some time needs to be invested, right from early age to find out what is our true passion. Unfortunately, our education system in India, is not conducive for this type of thought process. We all have been programmed right from childhood that we must focus on getting excellent marks in our examination and get a secured job. Of course, off late we are witnessing a paradigm shift in some youngsters, where they are yearning to become employers rather than employee. In a country like India, it is sad but true that these type of thoughts are not encouraged even by the parents. This is probably because the parents feel that it is extremely unsafe to become an entrepreneur. So, I think that this thought needs to be planted like a seed in the children, right from school. More importance must be given to the likes and dislikes of the child, that is , the parents must take the time and effort to understand what exactly their child likes and what they dislike. Who else can understand the child more than the parents, particularly the mother. I am not saying that importance must not be given to the studies. My point is there is no need to evaluate children through examinations, rather they can evaluate just by conducting viva or having group discussions, instead of examinations. This is my point of view.

Now coming back to being productive, we can clearly that everything boils down to our burning passion or dream. Unfortunately, most of us either suppress our dreams or totally give up our dreams. Only a handful of people go on to live their dreams and we call them as successful people. So these so called successful people never waste their time and always are productive.

Now let us analyse what exactly do these successful people do different than others. Firstly they are absolutely clear in their mind about what is it that they want from life. Secondly they do not have an iota of a doubt whether their dream will work or not. That is their belief system is rock solid. These people have a sense of hundred percent certainty that it will work. Do we have any doubt that our name is so and so. Do we have any doubt that we are human beings.This is the level of certainty, one must develop to achieve the dreams within. What I am trying to say is that the level of certainty is so high that they cannot see anything else other than their dreams. It is like they can literally visualize their dream already completed and manifested. In fact they live as if they are experiencing the reality right now. This is nothing but the popular  “Law of Attraction” . Thirdly they start taking action everyday be it bits and pieces or lot of action. They always have the dream in their mind and take action everyday , which is going to lead them to their eventual dream. Sometimes the actions may not fetch the desired result, but the burning desire within is so strong enough that they are ready to keep persisting. I always like to cite the instance of the great Sir Thomas Elva Edison, whom we all know is the inventor of the incandescent bulb. But do you know how many times he failed and how much money he had to literally burn? In fact he failed more than a thousand times. How many of us are ready to keep persisting in spite of failing so many times. Let alone thousand times, even two or three failures is more than enough for most of us to quit, isn’t it? But Mr.Edison went on and on and on until he got what he wanted. That is called living your passion. If you observe in Mr.Edison’s instance , it boiled down to, clarity of his dream, self belief and no self doubt which gave him strength to carry on and on and on.


Finally it is also the exercise of will power not just for a few days or few months, the will power must be exercised until the dream is attained. This will power can be only strengthened when we are consistently taking repeated actions day in and day out. That is one needs to follow a ritual until the dream is attained and that can happen if and only if we are living our passion.

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