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What is Life - Part 2

Published: Oct 27th, 2020 03:52 pmBy Dinakar. J

Moving forward from part 1, I would like to continue this analogy of using metaphors to explain about life. The reason for using metaphors is , it would be easy to understand and also very quick to relate to and contemplate about it

 Now I would like to compare life with a student’s life. A student spends his life accumulating, assimilating knowledge during the formative years. As we all know each student gets exposed to various subjects like Physics, Mathematics, Science, Language etc. Nowadays schools also have lot of extra-curricular activities , industrial visits etc. There are also certain practical classes like laboratory sessions, where the student needs to experiment certain learnt concepts. So now you must be wondering what has this got to do with life. The answer is as follows:  Just like the different subjects in the school we also experience different situations in life. In a school, the only difference is there is a teacher who comes and explains the subject, whereas in life there is no specific teacher and also it is not as well organized as a school. Nonetheless, the experiences teaches us lot of things without a a teacher. In life, if one possesses an attitude of openness to learning, we can learn lot of things from life by ourselves. In school, it is very methodical, scheduled and well planned where the respective teacher comes and handles the subject to the students. In life it is not methodical and totally unpredictable. Any situation may happen anytime. For instance, as I am writing this blog, the entire world is facing the Pandemic in the form of Covid-19 virus. The entire human species never ever dreamt, that such a sort of a thing may even occur. This pandemic so radically transformed each and everyone’s lifestyle and also one’s approach to life. Suddenly we all have understood the importance of our health. So much of emphasis is now on sanitizing oneself. Unfortunately so many lives are lost during this pandemic. So, what I am trying to point out is that, life keeps teaching us one thing or the other, provided we are ready to learn. So if we don the role of a student , this pandemic has taught us that, we need to be extremely cautious about the virus. It has taught us that even a virus which is not visible to the naked eye can create a havoc to millions of people. I think this pandemic has also cautioned each and every one of us, that nobody can take the nature and environment lightly. I think that we humans have been destroying environment by felling trees, by encroaching the lakes, dumping all toxic waste into the water bodies and many more. The pandemic , probably is telling us indirectly that if you humans destroy environment, the same will happen back to the humans, which we all are already witnessing. Now coming back to the school life, just like the student needs to do certain practicals in the laboratory, similarly in life, we humans must understand through situations and practically do certain things in the laboratory. You must be wondering where is the laboratory in life? I consider life itself and every person and situations as a laboratory. The major difference is in school, there will be a teacher and assistants to guide you, in case there is any error. You can also the concerned teacher, if you have any doubt. But, in case of life there are no assistants or teacher or anyone to fall back upon. You are all alone by yourself and need to handle every situation with a positive attitude. Having said this, there is place for help. I consider talking to God or talking to well-wishers and seeking help is always there. But sometimes in life while facing any situation there may not be anyone to help you. If you believe in the concept of God, of course, God is always available 24/7 and 365 days . However God is not visible. So it boils down to your power of belief and faith in God or whatever you any call it. Next is, just like the student needs to face or write an examination to clear the particular class (or grade) and move on to the next class(or grade), similarly, in life there is an examination. Now you really must very curious to know about the examination in our life. Where and what is the examination of life? The answer is every tough situation or every hurdle or difficulty you face in life is an examination. If you do not clear the examination, you can get promoted to the next class(or grade). So, what is the class or grade, I am referring here? I am referring to the position in life. Let me elaborate it a bit further by giving an example. Let us consider the pandemic again.Now if one does not understand the seriousness of the pandemic and assumes that nothing can happen to him or her by not wearing a mask , obviously sooner or later, one will have to face  the consequences. So a person who is not complying with the safety norms will either suffer a lot or even may loose his or her life. This is widely seen in many places across the world. So, if you observe the person who does not prepare for the examination will definitely find it difficult to clear the examination. Very similarly, in life, the person who is not well prepared for the taking precautionary measures to protect from the deadly pandemic, will obviously loose his health or even life, which is as good as not clearing the examination.


So I would like to conclude by saying that each and every situation in life is like a subject, which is teaching us either directly or indirectly something or the other. Now, the ball is entirely in our court, to either take this learning seriously, apply it in life and move forward or just ignore the learning's and never ever improve in our life and end up always cribbing about life and just complaining that life is not fair.

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