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Visible versus Invisible

Published: Sep 25th, 2020 03:07 pmBy Dinakar. J

Have we anytime wondered about the invisible forces which affect us so much more than the visible forces or reasons which we can see or hear or touch or feel or taste. What I mean to say is those forces which are visible and those which are not visible. Some of the visible forces are wind, water, air, heat, cold, rain etc. But have we anytime sat and thought about forces like beliefs, happiness, joy, fulfilment, satisfaction, sadness, frustration, anger etc  which are nothing but human emotions . There are other invisible forces like electricity, gravity, music, smell, taste also which exist. My point is if you compare the visible and invisible forces in the universe, more often than not the invisible forces are much more powerful than the invisible forces. Isn’t it?

Let us consider the attitude which also falls under invisible forces but it is displayed or exhibited through our behaviour. If you carefully analyse what attitude actually is, we can say that most part of the attitude of a person cannot be determined by just looking at a person. It can be known only when you interact with the person or by observing the person’s behaviour. And even just by observing the behaviour, one can never to come any final conclusion. We can only make certain assumptions, which may be true or not true. I consider attitude is an end result of how a person thinks and feels about any situation/s  or any person/s. That is, how a person thinks and how a person feels cannot be seen by others. As we all know the Iceberg analogy which says that, 90% of the attitude is submerged, just like 90% of the Iceberg is submerged underneath the water. Very similar to that 90% of what the person thinks and feels is submerged and only the concerned person knows what he or she is thinking and feeling at a given point in time. The 10% what we see is only his or her behaviour, just like the 10% of the  upper portion of the iceberg can be seen. 

Let us consider our own mind. It is not visible but we are using it every moment of our life . Isn’t it? In fact research studies have shown that mind is the most powerful force in the universe. We have been witnessing the power of the mind and how it has been used do wonderful things in the world and at the same time how some have utilized it in the wrong way as well. It has been a mystery to all the psychologists and doctors  about  the exact location of the mind. If you  go a bit deeper and try to understand the conscious and the sub-conscious mind, it is so amazing. In fact the sub-conscious mind is so powerful that we hardly realize it’s importance . I consider the sub-conscious mind as the most powerful  tool or force , one can think of on this planet earth. We can do wonders using this amazing force. It is like a software, whereas, the brain and the human body is the hardware. Just like the software needs to be constantly, updated, so is the case with the mind. The update may be in the form of positive thoughts or constructive thoughts.  Just like without updating the software, it will lead to the software being obsolete, very similarly, the sub-conscious mind , if not taken care of properly, it will lead to our own downfall. This is exactly what happens when some people commit suicide or get involved in heinous crimes. They have never devoted time to update the software, as in, never taken care of the kind of things which go into the sub-conscious mind.

How about gravitational force? This again cannot be seen but only be experienced. The value of this gravity will be known only when a person travels outside the atmosphere into space. The astronauts can tell us the importance of gravity.

What about God or Energy or whatever you call it? This is a very controversial topic. So I am not advocating anyone to believe in a God . However I do believe that there is some unseen force which has created, managing and will take care of the entire universe. You call it God or energy is immaterial. Otherwise how can you explain the perfect order of the solar system, the orderly  way of the Sun rising and setting, the orderly way in which the world works. We also know that according to the law of physics, nothing can move on its own. That is to say, nothing whether sentient or insentient has got a self –functioning capacity. So this obviously  proves that, there must be some other force, which is invisible.

There is another invisible force we all use knowingly or unknowingly. Can you guess what it is? It is nothing but “LOVE” or “DESIRE” .Just imagine life without having love. It would have been so mechanical just like a life of a Robot or a machine. Whatever action we are undertaking, don’t you think, it is because of love or a desire to do something. Without desire, life will come to a standstill. Just imagine each of us have absolutely no desire to do anything in life. So what would happen in such a scenario? No desire to wake up, no desire to study, no desire to work, no desire to meet people, no desire to come up in life, no desire to live life. Can you imagine a life without desire. For each and everything we do desire must be there. Let us say somehow the desire is there to do something in life, but you are not passionate or do not love to achieve it. This is exactly the major distinction between people who are called “Achievers” and the “non-achievers”.


So, after carefully observing all this we can infer ,that the invisible forces are much more powerful than the visible forces. By understanding this point, we need to give respect to the invisible forces and more important than that is to understand how we can utilize it for the welfare of human being.

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