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What is Life - Part 1

Published: Sep 25th, 2020 03:11 pmBy Dinakar. J

This is a question which keeps pondering in my mind and I am sure in your mind as well! There are lot of definitions or meanings or concepts or ideas or perceptions about life. I think that “what life is” is purely subjective. Each person will have their own point of view. So, I do not think we can zero in on one particular definition for what life is.

I would like to go ahead and use certain analogies for what life is. I would like to use certain metaphors for life. So the first metaphor , I always love to go ahead is comparing life to a Television channel or you can consider YouTube. I also mentioned about YouTube because that is a platform where majority of the people use and it is very trending in this time and age.

So how can you compare life to YouTube? Whenever you watch any Television channel or YouTube , you have the liberty to choose or select whichever channel you want to, right? If you are having a Television  which is having only one channel, like the olden days, when in India we all were only exposed to Doordarshan, then you obviously are left with no choice but to see Doordarshan. However I am assuming that all of us will be having more than one channel to watch Television. In the case of YouTube it is far more diverse. You can say that there are infinite channels or videos available to you. The point I am trying to make is this. Be it a Television or YouTube, you have the choice to select what you want to see. Very similar to that, is, life. I consider life is a series of choices. Just like television or YouTube, you choose what you want in life. Of course it is very easy to say but in practicality it is slightly complicated or I would like to say it is more challenging. I used the word complicated because we humans have made it complicated. I always believe that God (or whatever you call), has made life simple, but unfortunately, it is we human beings who have made it highly complicated.

Let us analyse and observe what exactly happens when we watch YouTube. First of all you select what you want to view. This video may be belonging to a particular channel or you are randomly searching for a video. Now let me compare this with life. In life also, you select what you want to become, by making decisions. For instance, you have decided to be become a musician, it is entirely your choice. After you made a decision of becoming a musician, you will begin by taking classes or get enrolled for getting certified. Then you may start practicing every day for perfecting the skill. You may choose a mentor, who may keep guiding you to better your skills. This when compared to YouTube, you select a particular video and begin to watch it , assimilate the information , comprehend it and probably apply it.  The major difference in life is the video (in the form of situation)is sometimes available and sometimes not. In life, the channel which you select, is all about, what thoughts you possess, at the given point in time. If the thoughts are negative , then you have tuned into the negative channel and obviously you will receive negative cahnnel, in the form of negative feelings. Likewise, if your thoughts are empowering, you have tuned into a positive channel and obviously receive a positive channel in the form of positive feelings. Definitely it is easier said than done. The point I am trying drive home is, whatever thoughts you select will determine what you are receiving.

Let us analyse even more in depth. In case of Television or YouTube, there is a broadcasting station or a server which is transmitting signals and the moment the receiver catches the signal, you can see the video on your screen. In case of life, we humans are ourselves the transmitter cum receiver. So firstly we need to be cautious of what signals we are transmitting to the universe. This is exactly what I mentioned earlier about what thoughts we select. So as far as possible if you can develop positive, empowering thoughts, automatically you are transmitting it to the universe and surely your probability of receiving positive experiences is very high. Now, the next question is, is it only about thoughts or is there something else other than thoughts? The answer is whatever thoughts you are entertaining at a given moment in time, you also need to ensure that you are practically acting on it. Just by thinking and having thoughts is just one face of the coin. The other face of the coin is practically doing or translating the thoughts into actions. Another factor I would lie to mention is about the special effects in a video. In case of Television or YouTube the video has already been made or being made with special effects. In case of life the special effects exists in our own mind. We can make any experience in our life enjoyable by altering the sound by using our own imagination. For instance let us say you want to be a successful business entrepreneur. You can in fact visualize yourselg receiving an award on a stage where thousands of people are applauding you. So here, you can create your own video, create your own sound of the people clapping you, create the voice of the person who is giving you the award. So there is no limit for your imagination. You can keep adding more and more aspects to your imagined video of yourself receiving the award. You can imagine your family members sitting in the front row. You can add emotions by visualizing your closed ones looking at you with appreciative eyes. So the list goes on and on.


Life can be compared to a Television or YouTube where the video you select is similar to what thoughts you have at the given moment. The video you receive in Television or YouTube can be seen, whereas in life the video is in the form of experiences. To put it in a nutshell, everything boils down to what choice you make, whether it is positive or negative experience is left to you.                                                            

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