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Canine Love - THE GENESIS - chapter 1

Published: Oct 8th, 2020 05:34 pmBy Shipra Magon

Hello All 

So, this is March 1992 and I have just landed at Bhopal for the Holi break & to spend time with family.

My parents are there to receive me as I very proudly alight from Shatabdi Express ( Premier train at that time, still I suppose ? ) 

I am told that there is an exciting gift waiting for me at our home. As a young teenager I fancy things like clothes ,handbags, shoes and now I am thrilled as we approach home talking animatedly through out  our journey. My parents smile through out, seemingly aware that I am unable to contain my excitement.

At our door steps  now & mom hands me over the keys of our house.

I am already overwhelmed with the thought of uniting with my younger siblings & catching up with old friends. I am too eager to rush to my bedroom and jump on my bed. I hasten and unlock the lock , twist the handle and barge my way inside. 

And I scream................

I am frozen and overcome with fear when I see this golden white bundle of canine fervently wagging her tail at me with all  the sounds of bark & whine put together.

I run out of the house with the canine bundle in my  hot pursuit.

It's now my turn to howl in horror & desperation. Tears stream down my face as I shockingly realize that this is the exciting gift. More so as I find all family members watching with immense glee my first introduction to SABI.

Let's understand my dilemma. I have been dead scared of these canine fellow beings through out my life and the fact that many years ago Dad was bitten by one of their kind and got 14 painful injection shots in his stomach sends quivers in my system whenever I spot one - barking or snarling. And now we have one at home !!

My mom steps in as my savior & scoops SABI into her arms in one swift lift. I take my first deep breath and stop crying. As mom says comforting words , I understand that SABI is just a puppy & She is so BEAUTIFUL !!

This is the beginning of a new relationship. It is the genesis of my canine love. And love for all. . . . . .  


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