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Published: Sep 26th, 2020 04:33 pmBy Shipra Magon

I don't want to adhere to norms.

I don't want to tow the line.

I don't want to compartmentalize.

I don't want to please.

I don't want to pretend.

I don't want to be PERFECT.

Can I be ME ???

And who is this ME ??

Am I  a result of my upbringing, environment, education & experience??

If yes, then would  I have been a different person altogether if all the above factors  or any single factor was different ??

Okay. I get it that each one of us is a unique entity. Then why imitate &  copy some one? Does the society push each one of us to behave in a particular fashion? If this is true to a certain extent, then is it to ensure societal norms or to instill uniformity & discipline?? Or is it  behavioral cloning??

Is it because there are unsaid & unwritten laws that everyone must relate too? Is it not possible that these laws( written or unwritten ) that exist today may become redundant tomorrow?? 

So, is it that we live in an infinite universe that is ever expanding, with infinite possibilities for each one of us and it is our CHOICE  what we do & where we head ??

In a world full of mental conditioning tools that make us feel & act the way they want us to , do I still have any part within me which is REALLY ME ??

Answer all these to yourself and find your SELF - discover that it is perfectly fine to be DIFFERENT and in sync with your inner being. 


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