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Published: Oct 7th, 2020 02:15 pmBy Shipra Magon

Dictionary meaning of lifestyle is the way we lead our lives.

So some lead sedentary lifestyles, some luxurious, some modest & some healthy and so on . . .  . . 

We have our own guarded philosophies as to how to lead our lives. We live in a free world. ( irrespective of gender ,economy ,caste based, religion based ,class based, race based discrimination globally )

We know what works best for us.We know what we want. We know where we are headed. WE ARE MATURE ADULTS.

So, is there any problem?

Certainly NOT, if we are satisfied, contented, satiated, feel fulfilled, happy. . . . 

Now, the point is that humans as a species are never satisfied & content with what they have. The craving for MORE & BETTER has been a fuel to our imagination & creativity. As a result, today we have the advancements in technology & science. Our experience of life has changed dimensions. We seem to rule all other live forms(  Sorry, COVID 19 showed us that we are not yet supreme )


Don't believe this ?? The statistics say otherwise.

Globally & otherwise ,15 to 20 percent of the population undergoes treatment for Depression, anxiety, sadness & stress.

These are documented figures. What about the undocumented ones? 

The mental instability & early childhood trauma has also been  pivoted as the major contributor towards criminal bent of mind.

Does our lifestyle have an impact on our mind set, emotional balance & our general behavior in the society? Of course, it does!! Otherwise, we wouldn't witness a surge in programs for healthy mind, holistic wellness, nutrition related to healthy body & healthy mind, relaxation tools etc.

Now that the techniques to be calm, joyful & inherently happy are readily available , so have we become that way as a society on whole? Not as yet, it appears.


As you ponder on that question, just ask yourself in total solitude ,what is it that you want out of every single action you do? 

.................................................. Standard of Life        OR      Standard of Living......................................................................

And your peace and happiness lies here between these two aspects .


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