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Published: Aug 25th, 2020 07:49 pmBy Shipra Magon

Namaskar and Hello everyone

Health is the biggest wealth that one can possess.

No matter how wealthy or accomplished or celebrated a person is ,he/she cannot enjoy & live life to the fullest if he/she is medically challenged.In that perspective disorders & diseases are great levelers.

When we talk of health we generally have a tendency to focus on physical disorders & diseases.There is this approach of battling with medical challenges as and when they arrive & plague our happiness & fitness.But what about preventive therapy? Cant we do something about our bodies? - Strengthen it from within?? These and many related questions  have hounded me for past few years.

My own experiences as a marketing personnel in a top ranking pharmaceutical company that took me to not only different cities & remote villages, specialized care hospitals & clinics, pharmacy outlets & warehouses but also enabled functional learning while interacting with both doctors and patients and their kin have made me realize that there has to be a composite health plan that every human being must follow. 

I am now compiling my Health & Fitness associated  experience, exposure, knowledge & skills such as Hatha Yoga practice along with fundamental research on disorders that are slowly degrading our physiological & biological functions.

My own health challenges & my triumph over them makes it more pertinent to share it with one & all.

With lot of deliberation & impetus from my family ,friends and keen followers, I am now all set to launch Health Capsule  Series in the coming days.

What is Health Capsule Series?

  • It is a serious and committed attempt to help every single person approach health in a holistic manner: Mind, Body & Soul in sync.
  • It systematically decodes various lifestyle diseases and  provides the  necessary information along with suggested changes in our lifestyle that will keep them at bay by taking control of our health.
  • It provides answers to very basic questions so as to understand the underlying causes of the  medical condition in most simplistic manner .

Health Capsule is an invitation and a WAKE UP CALL to all TO become one's own HEALTH MANAGER.

We understand that Fast track life has pushed most of us to neglect our health in grievous ways.Challenges both at professional & personal space with demands on our time have negatively impacted our diets , sleep , fitness  and general happiness.

Lifestyle diseases have become a common place now a days.N Diabetes is a manifestation of all these factors.Club into this a pre disposition towards Diabetes because of genetics or co related conditions like high blood pressure & being over weight.

Similarly conditions like Stress, Obesity & Hypertension have become common place.

In Health Capsule 1 - The focus will be on Diabetes - Understanding it and then coming up with our own management plan to curtail it. 

At this stage,I beseech you all to take the first step with me and take the reins of your health in your hands.

Watch out for the launch details of HEALTH CAPSULE - 1, Diabetes Management.

Wish you the best in your journey to become a HEALTH MANAGER.

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